Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Power of Words

I wanted to take this time right now and share a bit of whats on my heart regarding some weirds that are in our language. More specifically, the 'cuss' words or 'swear' words we have. i want to examine these words and just moreso get this out there. I want to do this because the words that we deem as cuss words are words that are usually used out of context.

I want to warn you that i intend on being very frank in blunt in what i'm about to say so on as a disclaimer, i want to warn you the reader that if you have small children or if you yourself don't want to go any further or this causes you to stumble, stop reading now.

So here goes. A few words that cause me to think are words like 'shit', 'dam', f***... those types of things. the major ones. The word 'shit' is first off, meaning 'feces' or 'dung', something to that effect. So, to talk about it as that an animal or person went to the bathroom, or there is feces on the road, and to refer to it as 'shit' is actually using it in the proper context, as long as it is used in that manner.

The word 'damn' is another one. to differentiate this from a dam, which is used to hold water or something of that nature, is a simple spelling difference. a beaver will dam a river isn't wrong. it is an act of something. now, to say "i damn you." is a judgmental action. and thats wrong. The Lord can condemn you to hell. a person can condemn anothers actions.

the other word, the 'f' bomb is simply wrong. I don't really know how or where this word got started. one of the meanings (according to www.m-w.com) says its involved in coitus. in the meaning of this word, it means that you've messed someone up. not a nice thing.

why am i doing this? because some of it needs to be said. for me to say that there is shit on the road and meaning that an animal defectated technically isn't wrong. it sounds wrong yes. but looking at the actual meaning, its not swearing. i'm actually using the word in the correct context. now, i'm not going to start saying "i'm taking a sh**" if i have to go to the bathroom. although in all actuality, i'd be right and not swearing. however, do to the fact that these words have gotten soo mismangled and misused, they're totally taken out of context. and people just drop them because they can. its actually really disgusting. especially when you use these words in reference to other people. thats mean. but to use these words in the actual context is a completely different ball game.

i want to reiterate here that i'm not going to go around and just start using these words, even in the correct context. now, if i ever go to a dam, i'll use that word. thats a given. but i'm not immature enough to misuse the english language.

if you've read this, thanks for taking the time. i appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

1. I recently read on a website that someone's dad told her and her brother that the worst word in the world was "Bostonian", so while growing up that was the ultimate swear word for her. Her dad always ended up laughing before he sent them to their room.

2. In the novella Cannery Row by John Steinbeck the word "bitch" is used - in an entirely appropriate context. The dictionary definition is a female dog.

3. Some kids I babysat for were really impressed when I let them say "hell". As long as you use it in context, I told them.

4. Unfortunately, as you said, the context of many words has been twisted. Too bad. We've lost some good adjectives over the years.


Stevie B said...

The worst word someone could ever say is 'budget'.

shawnman said...

anon, your right. the word bitch is a female dog. and there is a Hell, Michigan. ironically enough, i'm sure its frozen over a time or two... hmm.. lol.

i have no problem w/ preachers when they say something will damn your soul to hell, because they're 100% right.

may we use our words in the correct context.