Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Baby Got Book

Great video here. i first saw this a few years ago and laughed the whole way through it. i mean, its a knock off of another song, but its got a good message behind it. i don't necessarily have a problem with a girl wearing make up... but honestly, i think it hides something. it hides you from who you really are. our society totally has it wrong! they say you gotta be anorexic if you wanna get a guy. and thats just totally bogus. Proverbs 31 is the outline for what a woman of God is. or at least part of the outline. yeah, u might have a gorgeous body and all that... but do you got character? whats your spirit like? is your heart going after the Father's heart? or do you just through yourself around for any guy to notice? do you flaunt your body to get attention? b/c to real men, thats just a turnoff. to me that just says that your just superficial and you lack true depth of God.

i was talking w/ a girl from school today about pictures from a missions trip we were both on. i had recently gone through all the pictures of that trip to weed out a bunch and give one final copy to everyone. and i saw a few pictures of this girl that probably weren't meant to get out really. i mean, they were just comical pictures of her. but i put them in to just tease her a little bit. and today she mentioned that in those pictures, she wasn't wearing make up. and to be honest w/ you, i think she looked cuter in those pictures WITHOUT the make up.

take it for what its worth. again, i don't have a problem necessarily with make up. but have a depth of God in you before you go for worldly beauty. Go for Godly beauty and you'll achieve true beauty.

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