Monday, July 30, 2007

The Jezebel Spirit

The other night, i quickly read a little booklet i picked up from the Call called "The Jezebel Spirit" by Francis Frangipane. I knew what the Jezebel spirit/attitude was already, but a little refresher course never hurts.

What exactly is the "Jezebel Spirit." Well, in short, its a control and manipulating spirit/attitude. Jezebel was a wicked queen in the Old Testament that basically ran her husbands (King Ahab) kingdom. Read 1 Kings 18 and the surrounding chapters, you'll get the jist. And let me tell you what... this spirit is very alive and well in our society today. I can't even watch certain shows because its soo blatant. It usually manifests in women. It's usually that the women basically controls through a passive aggressive spirit. To name a show that gives a good example of this, "Everybody Loves Raymond". i used to watch this show from time to time until it got to be too much. But after a while, i got sick of putting my spirit through it. I literally almost threw up one night after watching the show.

Editors note: I want to let it up to each and everyone of you as to what you watch. I am simply giving an example here. It is between you and God.

There is much more to be said here, and i'll do it at a later time. Love ya'll.

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