Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

Memorial Day has come and gone. My parents and younger sister Amber came down for a couple days. Most importantly, they got to see where i live and meet the Mitchells. I can't express just how greatful i am to be in the place i'm at right now. I like having two little sisters again and living w/ a family. It definitely beats living w/ other guys for the time being. Yeah, so i have 4 moms now..... i'm well taken care of. Here is a picture of me w/ my two little sisters... Alyssa (7) on the left and Lauren (9). it's really funny w/ them b/c if i come home a little later than what i originally said, i get grilled by them. but i know they love me so i just play along and we have a good time.
But in light of Memorial Day, i wanted to take some time and just express my appreciation for our men and women in the armed forces. I mean, here is a people who lay down their lives for others in ways that some of us can't imagine. I think its time we truly got behind all of them and their commanders and all the leadership (President included) and truly begin to start backing out military. I for one am getting very tired of the lies i'm fed from the news and just all the bad stuff we hear. Believe it or not, there's a lot of good stuff doing on in Iraq. Despite what the media wants you think and believe. I know i for one am sick of the media making the President and other leaders of the country looking like ideas and not knowing what they're doing. And i say its time to get behind the leadership of the country and pray for them. The following is an article from someone in the military and his opinion of how he thinks the media is doing and how the country needs to respond. . I do want to say that i don't completely agree w/ absolutely everything Bush does or the other leaders, but I'd like so see some people do better. So CNN, and all you other news agencies out there... how about some truth for once?
Well then, i feel better, i don't know about you. Thanks again for the time here in reading this. It means alot. Until further ado...

Friday, May 25, 2007

Is the customer always right?

In my opinion... NO! That phrase, along w/ many other phrases out there, is largely made into something its not. I just have a real intolerance for arrogance in Americans. They think the world revolved around them and that they can never be wrong. From one American to another, thats a big fat stinkin' lie. I haven't researched the above phrase (which i need to do), but for the most part, the customer probably has no clue as to what the world is going on half the time, but still acts like they own the place. And they threaten to talk to a manager or whoever to hopefully get the person fired or something, which is totally annoying.

The other day, i was working a register at work. And these two ladies came up, i'm assuming it was an elderly mother and her daughter. Just a little side note: those speedy check out lanes at Wal-Mart or any other store... they're not for the big cart fulls of stuff. It's for the small orders. You know, like what can fit in your hands comfortably. In any case, this elderly mother claims she didn't realize that this was a 20 items or less lane. and part way through, she kinda starts to get concerned. I quickly just calmed her down... told her not to worry about it. then she realizes that there were three other empty speedy check out lanes wide open. And all during this, her daughter is holding dialogue w/ me as well. I guess i'm an easy reader, meaning that people can quickly see through my actions and read what i'm thinking (which actually doesn't really bother me a whole lot). so the elderly mother just says "oh, well, at least there are other check out lanes available." I just gently replied "well, thats not really the point of which i mean." well, by now, the daughter decides that i guess i'm not doing the best job of customer service. And she basically threatens w/ taking her business elsewhere. now, thats really the wrong threat to use w/ me considering its such a stupid one w/ me. The thought going through my head: "really? do you mean it?!?" what i actually said: nothing, just kept working.

all in all, we as Americans need a healthy dose of a butt kicking. i mean, yes, our military is probably one of the greatest in the world in that we could probably woop up on anyone who dares pick a fight w/ us... but still. folks, wake up and realize how arrogant you really are. b/c honestly, its just sickening. i honestly don't blame other countries for hating us at times. thats all for now.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Call Nashville

It's not a festival, it's a fast.

On 7/7/07, tens of thousands from across America will gather in Nashville to fast, pray and cry out to God for a massive youth revival even greater than the Jesus Movement. In the past, massive gatherings of fasting and prayer have turned the tide of history....

40 Years are Over!

In 1967, 100,000 young people, aged 15-25, flocked to San Francisco to experience the hippie movement, where they experimented with LSD, pot, casual sex and Eastern mysticism in what became known as the "Summer of Love."

When these newly recruited Flower Children returned home at the end of the summer, they flooded cities in the US and Europe with a message that opposed authority and scorned conservative morals. This counterculture rebellion... (read more)..

Sunday, May 20, 2007

January 2007

It's amazing how time flies. This year began pretty decently for me. I was able to take a month off of work and do some traveling. I started off w/ spending two weeks in Pennsylvania w/ my family there. It was good to see everyone and spend time w/ family.

From there, i flew from Philadelphia to London Heathrow to spend two weeks in England! It was great! My sister and brother in law live over there w/ their two children. Josiah, who right now is not quite a year old and Jayda who is almost 4. So i got to spend some uncle time w/ them. That and i got to tear down a cement wall to make their living room a bit bigger. Flats in Europe are tiny compared to apartments over here and way more expensive! Right now, the dollar is still half as valuable to the pound. Meaning that if i trade in $50 for pounds, i'd only get back about 25 pounds. yeah, its rough. but oh well, i went over there and had a wonderful time. i got at least two good days of site seeing and running all over the city w/ my sister and her friends. it was great. My brother in laws mum, Nana, took care of Jayda and Josiah for the day while we went and did the touristy thing.

I've learned one important thing in all my worldwide travels: right now, i'm not called to live overseas. taking short terms teams over, yes. but live outside of the country here, no.

In any case, I had a wonderful time in London, England. totally different culture and some awesome experiences. The house that i'm currently living in right now would probably be considered a mansion over there. the price of living is super high and for what you get for it, its not that good. no quality wise, but just size wise. you pay a lot more for less quantity. but i'd go over again in a heart beat.

There is a remnant of believers over there in the church that is sticking fast to the word of God. I told my brother in law Duncan when i was leaving that i considered myself very blessed that in the church he's currently leading, that they're holding fast to the word of God and not letting a shady false gospel come in. but that they mention repentance and are sticking strong to what they have. that meant a lot to me and challenged me to get into the Word. If your over in that area of the world, I'd encourage you to get in contact w/ my brother in law, Duncan Forbes.

So for now, you have this. I'm going to be adding pictures later on. Laterz.

Friday, May 18, 2007

America Bless God

You know, its soo easy to get mopey and grumbling... so i just wanted to take some time and just publically thank God for a few things.

First off, i thank God for life. The ability to live. The very breath that is in my body. I mean, life just rules.

Thank God for a job. Despite the many issues i got w/ it, thank God that i have to worry and deal w/ those issues. There are those that can't because they don't have a job. I've been to other countries and seen what other people live in... and it keeps you quite and from complaining about the stuff you may or may not have.

I thank God my my leaders.
My spiritual leaders that the Lord has established around me. Men of God who have laid down their lives from a cause much bigger than themselves.
I also thank God for the governmental leaders that the Lord has put in place over me. and like it or not, i appreciate the job that our current leader, President Bush is doing. (yes, i voted for him and would vote for him again given the circumstances and given the current people who are there.) I appreciate that Bush doesn't bow out to the whims of man, but he's stayed a course. (I don't like war, but i also don't like a leader who gases his own people and rules by fear. I would love for our service men and women to come home asap, but not before they should. May our leaders to God for wisdom.)

I also thank God for the life i have. I feel extremely overly blessed. To be getting calls at work wondering if i'll be home for dinner or what i'm doing. I mean, FOOD! PTL!

I thank God for a spiritual revolution that is coming. for the emergence of the Jesus People. God, You're doing something amazing right now around the world. Your turning the tide of a generation which will in turn change the World.

Thank God for the cross of Christ and repentance.

I'm sure that there is more, but that's what i got for now. God is good... though it doesn't always feel like it... God is good. I was just thinking recently how much of a brat i've been and haven't taken the time to publically thank God. so there you got it.

Check out The Call Nashville

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Myth of Separation

One of my passions is to see truth come out. and one of my pet peeves is to see people being lied to. Growing up in public school, i realized a myth that has come about. a myth that church can have nothing to do w/ governmental issues and social issues. certain people want to say that in the Constitution, they're is a phrase calling for a "separation of church and state." In all actuality, there is no such phrase in the Constitution. Its just a little lie that the liberal media has been telling now for a few decades. I don't know about you, but i don't personally like being lied to.

In any case, sometime ago, i was trying to get in communication w/ Barry Lynn and American's United for the Separation of Church and State. And below are some email communications i had w/ a Lauren Smith from the AU. My initial correspondence w/ them was over the question of Barry Lynn being against the decision to teach 'Intelligent Design' (Theory of Creation) in the public school system. Which, considering the fact that Barry Lynn is a reverend in the United Church of Christ denomination, it surprised me that a person in his position would be AGAINST Creation being taught. None the less, i decided to get in contact w/ him.

Begin Email correspondence:

Lauren, Thanks for getting back to me. if you could, would you mind just answering some questions for me for Mr. Lynn (and feel free to answer them yourself). Briefly describe his personal testimony. Meaning, since he's a reverend, i'm assuming that He's a believer in Jesus, i would just like to know a little bit about his background. many of my class mates we're taken aback when we read the article and then found out that he was a reverend (assuming Christianity here). Does he believe in evolution himself? What are your views as far as what type of curriculm should be taught in schools? Moreso dealing with Science in particular. Because no matter what, a religion or a certain set of beliefs is to be taught. I mean, i sat through years Secular Humanism taught i was deeply offended that MY particular beliefs weren't conveyed. In your opinion, what is are some solutions to these generational problems we are facing. Issues like teen suicide, and teen pregnancy and family break down. Ever since 1962, we as a society have been kicking God out of our society. And like a gentleman, He's obliged and back out. And if you'll look at statistics, you'll see a very rapid decline in society. What does that tell you? What, in your opinion, is a solution? Now, in a way, i agree with you that we should definitely steer clear of a church run state. However, considering the Founding Father's faith in God and their reason for coming here, I don't think that they would have ever dreamed of as a society that we would be taking the measures we do. For instance, the Ten Commandments is not just a Christian document, but also a Jewish one as well. I don't think that having them in a court room, someone is going to get the impression that its government issued, as much as its a judges personal preference to display them. In any case, thanks for taking the time to read this. In my opinion, as a young adult who is currently in Bible school, it scares me to see how society and see the direction in which this country is headed. And though i partially agree that government shouldn't necessarily endorse religion, they also shouldn't try and shut it down. Thanks again for your time. Shawn

Subject: RE: Intelligent Design Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2005 14:56:28 -0500

Shawn, You are correct that the phrase "separation of church and state" is not in the text of the Constitution. It is the constitutional authority of our courts to determine the meaning of the First Amendment, and the Supreme Court's interpretation of the First Amendment Religion Clauses is often misunderstood. The Court has found that the First Amendment does indeed call for a separation of church and state. When courts are asked to determine whether a law or government action violates the Constitution, judges rely on precedent that has been informed by the words of the Founding Fathers. Separation of church and state is supported in our nation's history. Speeches, debates, letters and writings from the founding era contain many references to church-state separation and demonstrate that the Founders agreed that separation was essential to liberty. The essence of church state separation is captured in The Virginia Act for Establishing Religious Freedom, one of Jefferson's most progressive and influential writings. In the Act, Jefferson wrote "no [person] shall be compelled to frequent or support any religious worship, place, or ministry whatsoever...nor shall he [or she] suffer on account of his [or her] religious opinions or beliefs. All [people] are free to profess and maintain their opinions in matters of religion or beliefs. That shall in nowise diminish, enlarge, or affect their civil capacities...our civil rights have no dependence on our religious opinions." The liberty of conscience, and ultimately exercise, is now guaranteed in the First Amendment Religion Clauses. Jefferson used a metaphor for church-state separation in an 1802 letter to the Danbury (CT) Baptists. In his address, he wrote that the American people had "[built] a wall of separation between church and state." (In 1802, Jefferson was a year into his presidency; Jefferson was ambassador to France from 1784-1789. There is nothing in Jefferson's writings to suggest he supported unilateral separation of church and state. He clearly believed neither the church nor the government should meddle in the affairs of the other.) The phrase "separation of church and state" is a simple metaphor used to articulate the purpose of the Religion Clauses in every day vernacular. There are other metaphors for rights found in the Constitution. For example, the "right to a fair trial" is not found in the Constitution, but we consider it the keystone of our criminal justice system. The phrase is a metaphor describing eleven separate rights that must be protected in a "fair trial." Similarly, the presumption that the accused is "innocent until proven guilty" does not appear in the Constitution. I cannot imagine that anyone would dispute this fundamental right because the exact wording is absent from the Constitution. Given the prevalence of these and other metaphors for constitutional concepts, it is appropriate to speak of a "wall of separation between church and state" when describing the First Amendment Religion Clauses. Interpretation of the Religion Clauses has evolved over the years. The Supreme Court has reinterpreted the Establishment Clause over the years to protect an increasingly diverse religious population. In the landmark Establishment Clause case, Everson v. Board of Education (1947), Justice Hugo Black defined the First Amendment Religion Clauses to mean "at least this: Neither a state nor the federal government can set up a church. Neither can pass laws which aid one religion, aid all religions, or prefer one religion of tax in any amount, large or small, can be levied to support any religious activities or institutions, whatever they may be called, or whatever form they may adopt to teach or practice religion." The court has adjusted Justice Black's definition over the years, but the general principle of separation remains. Today, a law violates the Establishment Clause if it does not have a secular purpose, has the principal or primary effect of advancing or inhibiting religion (the "reasonable observer test") or promotes excessive entanglement between church and state. In short, government must stay neutral on all matters of religion. This test does not strip religion from the public square; it just removes the authority of government from religious practice. Public buildings can still display generic holiday displays, governments can give vouchers to school children and public schools may teach about religion. Private citizens are always free to express their religious beliefs in the public forum; they just cannot seek government endorsement. I hope this answers your question. I understand your intent to speak with Rev. Lynn. However, AU is a busy organization and it is my job to receive and respond to all inquires. I am happy to discuss any church-state issue you are interested in.

Lauren Smith
Lauren S. Smith
Communications Department
Americans United for Separation of Church and State
518 C Street NE Washington, DC 20002
P: (202) 466-3234
F: (202) 466-2587

Hello Lauren,
thanks for returning my email. just some back ground information on me.... i grew up in the public school system. i was decently out spoken then about my relationship with Jesus, as am i today as well. and i guess that my school was more conservative than many others. considering i grew up in a pretty "conservative" part of the country (Lancaster, PA; just 2-3 hours north of DC). in any case, i got the THEORY of Evolution thrust down my throat quite a bit. while they didn't really see the need to touch on the THEORY of Creation. i mean, i know that that means they would've had to open a (dare i say it?) Bible in public. now i don't mind that evolution be taught. i really dont. but it only seems fair to teach Creation right along side it. i mean, i was offended every day in school. however, that doesn't mean i'm going to go running around suing everyone for every little thing. doing stuff like that just doesn't solve anything. 1. Where is the term "separation of church and state" in the Constitution exactly? from what i know about it, it was a recommendation from Thomas Jefferson while he was the ambassador to France i believe. and in a letter to the President at that time (i forget who he served under at the moment) he used the term "separation of church and state," but that was more so to protect the church from the state, not vice versa. but i've always just been wondering where exactly in the constitution this phrase that the liberal media likes to through around, is exactly. There is a lot more to all this, but i'd honestly really rather call and have a talk about all this. i'd also really like to talk to Mr. Lynn himself and hear more of what he's got to say. i don't want to have to but you in the middle of all this. And i'm sorry if the above comes across strong, but i'm a preacher at heart and i have a call on my life to preach the Word of God, so its what i do. but i honestly hope to be able to have an adult conversation with Mr. Lynn. So in any case, thanx for getting back to me and i hope to be hearing from ya'll soon.


End Email correspondence.

Obviously, i have a hard time agreeing w/ most of what they'd say here. I do agree however, that the church shouldn't necessarily rule government. That's called a Theocracy, and that was originally tried from the very beginning of our nation and it didn't work. However, 'religion' isn't something you just on a Sunday morning, its a lifestyle you live. so therefore, its not really possible for me to stop being who i am as a believer. So therefore, i don't like the idea of atheism being taught w/o theism being taught. its not fair.... my rights are being violated.

in any case, this sort of stuff is on my heart w/ a passion. thats why i like to get involved w/ this sort of stuff and present my ideas.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Family ties

Here is a picture of the Mitchells and myself. Thats me and Brian on the top row and the ladies and dog Samson on the bottom.

Cross Bearing Generation

The following is something that I wrote sometime ago about the current youth/young adult generation.

A Cross bearing Generation
“Beloved, for the sake of a hurting, dying world, pay the price, get the Glory and set the captives free.”

Just the other day, I was driving in my car listening to a certain rendition of The Wonderful Cross by Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman. I was thinking about the generations what have gone before and had their good and bad days. Each generation is usually marked by extraordinary events. There is the baby boomer generation and the Hippie generation, amongst others. So what is MY generation marked by? The 18-25 crowd. Well, I believe we’re marked by people who are saying that enough is enough. Something has to change. We’re no longer satisfied with the status quo. We’re tired of sitting back and watching our generation, our world be thrown to the dogs. To my knowledge nowadays, there are not a whole lot of violent protests like some generations are known by. I think people have realized that violently protesting different ideas really doesn’t solve much of anything. There are times for protesting the right things and right ways for going about that. But instead of just all out rebelling against authorities, people are trying to raise awareness for different things. They’re protesting in a peaceful way. On my right wrist right now is a red band that says “LIFE” on it. The intent is to raise awareness for abortion. And there is a lot of other colored bands as well and all have their intent.

So again, I ask what is my generation marked by? While the liberal media at large has dubbed us with the term of Generation X or Y, signifying that no good can come from us. By the grace of God alone, I gladly protest that! Or we could turn that around to say that we’re a generation “Xcepting” that call of God or saying “Yes” to God and His plan and will for our lives. Largely to me, it’s marked by countless thousands of young people embracing the Cross-of Christ. Giving their lives wholly over to Jesus and the mandate of the Great Commission.

A number of years ago, I was involved in a youth/young adult movement back home in Lancaster, PA. It was called Tuesday Night Bible Study, or TBS, for short. This was largely a young adult run church service. It started out with just 5 young adults who loved Jesus and just would get together and study the Bible. During this time, one of the young ladies involed with the bible study was kiled in a fatal car wreck. Normally, people look at that and they would think that that would be the end of it. But what the devil intends for bad, God has a way of turning into something good. At the funeral, they preached about God’s plan for salvation, and gave an alter call. And praise God, 150 young adults gave their lives over to Jesus! So what happens now? Well, the original TBSer’s wanted to get together still and just be there for one another. Well, that group quickly went from 5 to 4 to 150, then 200 then 350 and so on. At one point in time, there was 1,100 people meeting in a local building in South Central Pennsylvania. (To this day, TBS is been turned into a house of prayer for that region.) From this there was many of the people that have since hit the missions field and travel with groups such as Y.W.A.M or YES or other programs such as this. The point being is that this was a generation that was touched by God and, giving up certain comforts of this world, embraced the Cross and are reaching countless people with the Gospel news.

In Philippians, the Apostle Paul states to run the race marked out for you. Count everything as loss and to give it up for Jesus. Each of us has a different call on our lives and each of us has our own testimony. I love to hear people’s testimony because each one of us has had our highs and lows. (From past experience, I’ve had some of my greatest God encounters in the midst of a low. God used the “low” time in my life to reveal something so much more intimate to me. Like the fact that He is the only One who truly satisfies.) Sometimes, I get jealous of peopIe who have one of those testimonies where they were saved and delivered and drugs or whatnot and seem to really be going at it full steam. And I’m just like “Yeah, I pretty much came out saved I think and I was raised in a Christian home and never got into drugs or sex or anything like that. And as far as rebellion goes, I think it was the one time I ran down the hall at school…” (Excuse some of my sarcasm in this). Not to claim that I am perfect in any way, I’ve had my share of disappointments and shame. But as far as outright hardcore sin and/or hardcore rebellion, it just wasn’t really there for me like some others. Satan often tried to remind me of my past, of some of the little stuff here and there. I just quickly remind him of his future, and plead of the blood of Christ over me. That gets him quiet quick.

I entitled this A Cross Bearing Generation because that’s what I see this generation as. We are a generation of young people who, as far as I’m concerned, as more concerned seeing people won to Christ than ‘making it big’ so to speak. (The thing that we do have to worry about is that we don’t just go about condemning rich believers or those who do have it better than we do. God alone knows their hearts. Also, this is not to say that I’m just going to go around with a defeated mentality and my head hung low! Never! The victory has been won and I’m going to walk in it! And I definitely want to succeed in everything I do in life!) But the ultimate final victory for me is when I get to Heaven and Jesus is standing there and He says, “Well done, good and faithful servant. Welcome home.” (ok, so I don’t know exactly how it will go, but you get the idea.) This is generation marked by people coming together from all walks of life, races, creeds, coming together and going for one common purpose: to see Jesus lifted High! And as far as I’m concerned, I count it a privilege and honor to run this race. It’s not always an easy race, but it has its moments. But I feel that I’m definitely growing up in a Cross-bearing generation in that new songs are always coming out and countless albums are being cut all the time. We definitely have a long way to go as far as holiness is concerned.

Every day I’m personally bombarded with hearing stories of people who gave their lives sacrificially for the gospel of Jesus. I hope that one day I would be counted worthy to just be able to sit down and have a cup of coffee with just one of these people. One thing that I’m glad to hear about is it seems to me that many are waking up and realizing that there needs to be a change in society.

The trick now is to not just sit around and talk about this and that and the changes that need to take place, but actually do something about it! It’s easy to sit there and complain about things! But its another to stand up for truth and, as the saying goes, “grab the bull by the horns and pull!” It’s not an easy task! It often means giving up pleasures and comforts of everyday life. I definitely believe in resting in the presence of God! The Bible clearly states to be still and know that He is God. But then the Bible also says to deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Him. So which is it? Go or stay? Be still or stand up and fight? The answer to that is, I believe, YES. For everything, there is a time and place.

So how do we go about making these changes that our society needs so badly? Well, in my Bible it says to go into all the world and make disciples. There are many aspects to the world. There is the sports arena, the entertainment industry, the business world, politics (has it ever occurred to anyone that ‘poly’ means ‘many’ and ‘tics’ are little blood-sucking creatures? Any relevance there…?) and so forth. And the neat thing about God is is that He put all sorts of different giftings into each one of us. No two people are exactly alike. Each one of us is called into something different. I hope and pray that people are raised up with solid Biblical values and go into the business world and go into sports and entertainment and win people over for the gospel. I know that one of my friends from church has a desire to get into the film industry and make movies that bring people to Jesus. (I also know that’s it’s the Holy Spirit’s job to convict of sin. Not a movie or any other media. But who says that that media can’t be used of God). Also, one of my best friends is currently in college for business administration. One day he told me that his goal is to become a millionaire and be able to finance and give money to wherever it’s needed for the kingdom! I thought that that’s a really neat idea. And not because I could very well be a recipient of that one, but the fact that God has a hold of someone’s heart in that way and can get into the business world and deliver the gospel to those people. Now, God can just spontaneously make and give money (that’s one of the many talents of the God I serve), but how neat is it to know that He can grab your heart and give you a desire for that!
One thing I know with people is that if you give them a cause to fight for, a cause that they believe in, many are willing to physically die for that cause! If you give someone a reason to fight for, especially at a young age, they seem to be much happier in life. Why? Because they have a reason for living and something to fight for! They’re not just living and breathing, working a job and getting on with life. They’re standing for something! They believe in something.

A cross bearing generation is rising up. A generation saying “no more will we sit back and do nothing about the injustice going on. But we’re going to fight with everything we have.” And the neat this is is that it’s not just one age bracket! But it’s young and old coming together, joining in for a common purpose. It’s the youth with their zeal and energy and the older generation with their wisdom (and money… sorry, couldn’t avoid it). I for one am very glad to have older Christians speak into my life. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. I’m glad for the words of and encouragement and words of correction from older, wiser Christians. They have a lot to offer.

So what next? Where do we go from here? From recognizing a desperate change is needed in society, to seeing that change fulfilled. Sounds like we need a revolution!
As I look through history, I see revolutions that have taken place. And as I look in church history, revivals have taken place. Revivals are great! People get saved and their lives are radically transformed by the Power of the Holy Spirit. But what do people notice more? A revival or revolution? I guess it depends on what the revival or revolution has taken place in. (I recognize that a song or something else can be revived. Such as a certain fad or brand of clothes can come back into style.) But normally, a revolution is more likely to be noticed. We had the American Revolution, French Revolution and various other revolutions. Normally, these do contain violence. And probably for due reason. Usually in a revolution, people recognize the need for change. And like I stated earlier, some could be willing to give their very lives for that change to take place! But it’s usually a revolution that gets more attention. (Perhaps that’s because the media can cover that more freely without having to mention Jesus). Nowadays, the term ‘revolution’ is gaining a lot of notoriety. Whether it be in the auto industry or somewhere else, its used to signify that great change is coming to something.

But back to the Cross bearing generation theme, I see a generation arising that is forming an ever-growing army. An army that I believe is going to ignite what we like to call a Jesus Revolution. Day and night fasting and intercession is occurring throughout the world, and specifically in the U.S. The bride of Christ (the church) is starting to wake up or starting to be stirred to realize that things need to change. There needs to be more accountability with our leaders. We as fellow believers must hold to a higher standard of holiness in our own lives (I’m preaching to myself here as much as anyone else). We need to see God break out in power to touch us so we can touch a hurting, dying world. We need God to shake everything that can be shaken, leaving only the Unshakable Kingdom of God left!

Lately I’ve been really stirred in reading Tortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrandt and The Heavenly Man by Paul Hattaway. Two great books about the persecuted church in Romania and China. As I stated earlier, I hope one day I get to just even get to sit down with men and women like this, who have been soo brave as to risk their lives and be brutally wounded for the Gospel.

So, I don’t know about you, but as far as I’m concerned, “On with the Jesus Revolution”!

I don't know that much more needs to be said about this. It's pretty straight forward i think. Thanks for taking the time to read it.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

God uses you, despite yourself

Tonight was pretty cool. I had the chance to go minister at a local youth group in Salisbury (about 20miles north of concord). and i had a good time. I went w/ David Lyons and a few others. David is one of my buddies here who is in a transition phase in his life.

anyways, he got invited by a youth pastor up there to come and share about missions. so i went w/ him and he even let me share for like 3 minutes. which is super hard.... i mean, to share something on your heart in 3 minutes. good grief. you barely get out your name. anyways, during worship, i was praying and asking God for something to give this group. and He brought me to Matt. 5:13-16, about being salt and light. and basically, your salt and light whereever you go. which i later found out that the youth pastor, Jeremy, had spoken about like 2 weeks before. so that was nice to know that i was on the mark.

in any case, i think God really did something. i mean, there wasn't necessarily any big manifestation in the natural. but i think that some of the youth were genuinely touched. so praise God that He uses me, despite myself.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Been thinking...

i'm still soo very new to all of this. I use the computer alot and i've done the xanga thing and the myspace thing (still actually have myspace up and running, but i'm just not really doing anything w/ it) but yeah. i just now changed my template for this thing. i wasn't digging the pink shade of things. i'm hoping to put some pictures on here.... just have to take them. i'm wanting to put some pictures of my current living abode. again, we just have to take them and make sure they're ok and make sure i don't have my address anyway linked to it (protect the family here).

but i've been thinking alot recently... ok, so i graduated from Bible school... now what? the whole theme of our school is to be revolutionary to take over the world type of thing... but what makes me soo revolutionary? i dunno. i mean, ok, so i have a decent amount of knowledge of the Bible.. big deal. just who do i think i am? in any case, something to ponder over.

i'm still working on scripture pages. i'll be adding a lot more pages to my already 44 pages of scripture i got. that and bible trivia. which, by the way, i got a cool link to something called Bible drill ( its really neat. just when you think you know something, u find out how ignorant you truly are. its a good pride killer. peath out ya'll.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

the Joy of Repenting

I think i may need to make some distinctions. Jesus came to die for us all. However, he doesn't let us get away w/ sin. He loves you as a person, but He doesn't love our sin. God cannot stand to look at sin and just wink as you. I have an issue at times when people try to justify certain actions. For instance, I was talking w/ a guy once who had just recently got a tattooe. i for one don't like tattoos. i think they're ugly. even the ones that have some sort of religious theme to them. in any case, this guy tried to justify getting a tattoo by saying that at least he was able to talk w/ the artist while he was getting it done. that to me is hogwash. Jesus related to people, but he didn't condone their lifestyles. i thoroughly believe that Jesus went into bars and some places that are sin laden. however, i don't think that he would have gotten drunk and/or participated in the activities that happened in those places. that thinking taken to its logical conclusion, exscuses sin. it winks at it. i mean, what next, "Hookers for Him." But Shawn, i'm trying to relate to these people." a doctor doesn't help people out by getting the disease himself, but he provides a cure for it. we need to stop justifying sin and realize that Jesus died for us to have a way out. Jesus loves all people, but he doesn't love their sin. He loves porn stars as people, but he most certainly doesn't love the lifestyle they live. slapping the "Jesus loves you" onto something doesn't make it Christian just like walking into a church facility makes you a Christian. its a heart attitude. Jesus doesn't exscuse sin. He loves you out of it. If a person practicing homosexuality comes to me and says "i want to change from my wicked sinful lifestyle... can you help?" i will lovingly embrace them and help them out all i can as long as they are repentant. if they're not repentant, then theirs nothing i can do. if in their heart they don't want to change, then there is nothing i can do. In Romans, Paul addresses the issue of homosexuality. he says that if they're unwilling to change, just let them go in their sin. he doesn't say to still welcome them into the church body.

true repentance means a turning from sin and laying down your life for the gospel. it doesn't mean ask Jesus into your heart and continue on in your lifestyle of sin.

but let the past be just that... the past. Jesus bled and died for you to spend eternity w/ Him. and that means giving up your old lifestyle and coming into a new one (Rom. 12:2).

thanks for reading this. i hope to be posting pictures on here eventually for all the world to enjoy.