Sunday, July 15, 2007

Truth, not tolerance

Just a couple of notes here. Right after the Call Nashville, a group from our church went up to Washington D.C. to pray and try and talk to some senators about a hate crimes bill. This bill would basically make preaching the truth of the word of God a crime. I'm not going to mention anything about First Amendment rights here... or the unconstitutionality of a 501 (C) three gag order... in any case, they went up and got into come good convos. they talked to a senator or two. And of the senators that they talked with, they didn't come away too encouraged. There is a serious lack of prayer for our nations leaders. Satan has really blinded many of them and we as a body of Christ need to lift them up in prayer more. I believe they talked w/ Sen. Joe Biden, and not surprisingly, he didn't agree w/ them.

but some of the real fun came on Thursday i think. A Hindu priest was invited by the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid from Nevada to open the meeting with a prayer. Now mind you, this is the first time that a pagan such as this guy was invited to open the meeting w/ a prayer. and to how many false gods and the like did he pray to... it was weird. luckily, according to the report, the senate chamber was basically empty. Anywho, some of our people stayed there and took care of some business. Now, i'm not sure how i feel about what they did, but at least they did something. Interrupting a senate meeting like they did is a crime. So in these cases, you want to be careful in how you carry the plan out. But at least they did something.

In talking w/ one of the leaders of the party that went up, Ante Pavcovich, it sounds like we're going to be making this trip up more regularly. which is great for me. this kinda stuff is right up my alley. Now i just have to read up on more politics and find out whats going on.

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Todd Dugdale said...

Take a minute and read the invocation. The prayer was offered to ONE god, "the deity supreme", further described as "he".
Yeah, you're REAL interested in truth. The man was invited to give the invocation. You don't like that? Take it up with the people who invited him, but the treatment he received from the protesters you seem to admire was rude and bigoted. He was an invited guest.
"prayers of the wicked"? He was praying for mutual understanding. Real "wicked". "Gross idolatry", it was also described as. There were no idols present. Again, truth seems to be in short supply on your side.