Monday, July 30, 2007

I need a new job.

Currently, work has effectively messed up my schedule. they're stealing numerous evenings from me and forcing me to work. i'm making a few cents more an hour, but honestly to me, its not worth it.

There are right and wrong ways of handling things that come up in life. Usually, most people come into Walmart and handle things the wrong way. Like blowing up at at someone who works there when the person had absolutely nothing to do w/ your prior situation, but they were just severely ticked that they didn't get their way. Thats the wrong way.

The correct way is usually acknowledging the fact that a good percentage of American's don't care about anyone but themselves. Thus, when something goes wrong w/ something they bought, they go in and start yelling at people to make themselves feel better. I understand that at times you buy things and they don't work properly for you for some reason. And you wanna figure out whats wrong with it and the fact that you just spent $50 for quite possibly no reason will make you mad. But does that give you a right to go and blow up at a person merely doing their job? No.

Fine, right off that store. Go right ahead. Honestly nowadays, i encourage people to go shop at a competitors store. Trust me, your lack of sales there isn't really going to hurt business. You heard me right. From someone who works at Wal-Mart, i encourage people to shop at Target or Best Buy or another store. Hey, if we don't have it, go somewhere that does. Get a better deal.

in other news... my ipod is being sent away to get worked on. I dropped it Friday night and it quit working on me. Luckily, its under warranty still. Otherwise, i'd be up a creek w/o a paddle.

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