Friday, July 27, 2007

Have passport, will travel

I don't know about you, but i love to travel. given the right circumstances, i love to jump in a van or car and drive for long periods of time. when i went to the Philippines, i had to sit in a plane for about 13 hours at a shot. and i didn't mind it at all. really, i had a good time fellowshiping, sleeping,reading, watching the movies... just relaxing. i believe God put this in me for a reason. obviously, He knew that i would be traveling alot to venture to other areas of the world to preach the gospel. i graduated high school in 2002. now, most people after graduating high school hit the beach and do God knows what. most people do that to get stock drunk and regret much of what happened that week. me, i flew to Haiti to hang out w/ a family and minister to the local communities. do i have regrets about that? no. i rather enjoyed it actually. i didn't really have many real friends in school anyways. to this day, i don't really keep in contact w/ many people from school.

in the last 8 years of my life, i've been to Haiti twice; England twice, Canada twice, and Philippines once. most of those were missions trips w/ church. probably all of them, Philippines was probably one of my favorites. although the trips to the UK are rivaling that. my sister and her husband and kids live there. (side note: if you go there, just be forewarned that many people over there don't like conservative ideals. i learned that one the hard way after getting cussed out for liking President Bush. yeah, say what you will. everyone's got their opinions and thats what they are: opinions. and all opinions are like trash cans: everyone's got them and they all stink... even mine. but this is my blog so i'm going to say what i want to. :))

in any case, Jesus is still Lord and He rules and reigns. and i've enjoyed each trip for what it had to offer. my sister got married in England and thats what took me over the first time. granted, i was only over there for a week. but hey, i didn't have to pay for the ticket over, so i can't complain. and i got to go bar hopping for the first time in my life! which was interesting. walking around this one pub (in England, they're called pubs and culturally its different somewhat. for instance, the one nite, our family went to eat out at a pub. and also for the record, i didn't have an alcoholic drink that nite at D's bachelor party. i did have some chardonnay at the wedding reception though... and that was with the parents ok, even though i was of age. and also for the record, i don't necessarily have a problem with drinking alcohol. i do have a problem tho w/ getting drunk. thats just stupid. especially when you go and drive. u deserve to get caught then and i hope you do! for putting innocent lives at risk! a guy at work got a DUI and got his license suspended for a year! thank God! i told him i think he should have it suspended for at least 5 years for being stupid!)

in my current situation, i wouldn't mind getting a drink of alcohol, but then i'd refuse to drive. for me, one drink impairs me and i refuse to put innocent lives at risk. thats self-imposed rule. but also in my current situation, i can't. i don't wanna cause someone to stumble in that manner. so i'll not misuse my liberty for others sake.

so back to traveling.... lol. some people at school made mention that they wanna go to the Philippines! i'm thinking "sign me up!" i'll go!

wow, that felt good to say all that! hehe. so, anyone wanting to go somewhere to minister to hungry hearts, lemme know... i'm game.


Stevie B said...

Good post.

I'm confused as to what the topic of drinking alcohol had to do with going on missions--or was that just a rabit trail? :P

shawnman said...

rabbit trail. i think it had something to do w/ traveling to England and the cultural relevance.