Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Call Nashville

Well, the Call Nashville has come and gone. I enjoyed it. I mean, it was a bit on the hot side. At one time where i was, they said it was 110 degrees. they had a tile interlocking floor on the ground i guess to protect the grass. So, we had the sun beating down on us and then it beating off the floor and back onto us. At times, it just felt like i was standing in a heated bubble. A number of people were passing out, undoubtably.

I enjoy the gathering together w/ people to cry out to God for our nation. it's very biblical to have the solemn assembly. I appreciated the fact that they largely started out the day w/ repentance. I think they repented for just about everything under the sun! (no pun intended). I think i've long passed the day however of conference hopping. It's great to get together with people, but for myself, i'm just wanting God to come. i've had my share of 'services' and whatnot. they're all fine and great. I'm not putting that down so much. But honestly, at times i look and would much rather just go get a bite to eat with people/a person and just sit down and talk w/ them. I would not consider condoning sin. Sin is sin. it needs to be dealt with. and i wouldn't necessarily turn someone off from going to a church service, unless if they're not preaching the Word and there's no ministry in the Spirit. So often i sit in a church service and i'm just like "i wouldn't blame someone for not wanting to be here..." it just seems soo shallow. where is the power of God?

One of the things that i loved about the Call was the ministries represented. I was handing out free stuff from school and while doing that, giving other peoples books. I got into some great conversations with people from other schools. We were there to present the Kingdom of God, not mans kingdom. It's funny when i do advertising for school, i actually try and almost push people away. Like whats so great about us? It's kinda reverse psychology.

One thing i noticed and was talking to someone else about this is is that we need to be careful of a celebrity mentality. I believe in honoring men and women of God. I believe that there are a lot of great ministries out there to honor the King. But we also got to be careful of where these ministries will eventually lead to. In my own life, i try and be careful to always point people to Jesus and the Cross. that needs to be priority #1. Show people the cross of Christ and Him crucified. That's where life comes from.

My library keeps growing and growing. But one thing the Lord showed me sometime ago was that i know more about some hollywood celebrity than i do about the Word of God. I must be careful and use wisdom and discernment, with all my hype and zeal. Having zeal and passion is great, but it must be used w/ wisdom.

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