Saturday, July 21, 2007

Lord Have Mercy!

I hope this works. I can't express how much this gets to me. Let me state that i love Hindu people. I love people who practice all sorts of false religions. But i don't love when people are being misled. My heart goes out to this man on the video. That he would come to a saving knowledge of God the Father and invite Jesus into His life to be His Lord and Savior. My heart also goes out to the leaders there who invited this man in. That the Lord would grant mercy and compassion to them. But this is just wrong! Never in all of our nations history have they ever invited a person from a false religion, representing a false god into these chambers! Oh God, have mercy on our nation oh Lord!

For those who say we shouldn't judge, calling someone a narrow minded bigot or a nazi or whatever mean name you can think of is a judgement!

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