Saturday, August 4, 2007

Man's Way vs. God's Way

A little over a year ago, i graduated from Bible school. During that time, I obviously got asked the question of "So what now?" Which it isn't a bad thing. i mean people just want to know your next step... as well as i wouldn't mind knowing it either. I could just jump right into a position somewhere and start doing stuff. Which isn't a bad thing so much. However, when its not what God wants at that time, then it will die eventually.

I would love to jump in and start leading a youth group. That would be preferred. However, that's not what happened. I'm still working in the market place. And i honestly don't mind it. I mean, my whole paradigm for 'ministry' has been challenged over the years. I love to preach... i don't mind getting up in front of people and speaking. Public speaking is not a fear to me. At times, give me something to speak on and i'll have fun w/ it. If i know enough about the topic and know how to present it. However, right now, that's not what i feel i'm to be doing.

I was talking w/ my mom on the phone sometime ago and we were talking about my future. and she said that although she would love to have me up in PA again, she also doesn't feel its the time for that yet. For the mom to say that speaks volumes! Of course, that was right after one of my teachers here at school and one of the leaders, Dr. Peters, also confirmed in my heart that i was right where God wants me.

But right now, i feel that God is checking me to see that i'll be faithful w/ what i have and He'll eventually trust me w/ more. I am good friends w/ the youth here at church and i simply sit w/ them at church and am just there for them. I give two of the guys a ride to church thursday nites. And i don't mind it. I'm getting a bit of time w/ them and i'm able to just talk w/ them and be relational. That to me is true ministry. simply sitting and talking w/ people. Sure, i'll eventually be up in front and speak to more at a given time... but that's not right now. And i'm cool and content w/ that. In the Lord's timing, doors will open up and the right opportunity will present itself. yes, its hard to wait for that at times... but i'm having a good time. I pray that i be found faithful w/ the little things and that i be a true servant and that my fruits speaks for itself.

So much of the world's way of doing it is if you have a degree behind your name and/or formal schooling. which is fine. but that's not God's way all the time. I tell people the FIRE is not for everyone. There are a number of families who are moving here and probably most of them won't go to FIRE school. And that's fine. That may not be their place. It's important to know your place and timing.


Clay said...

Hi Shawn,

You are very correct. Stay where God has you and grow deeper in Him. As you do this he will make your steps clear. When I was called to China I still had a year at BRSM to go and then Pam wanted to complete ministry school & then we both did third year together. Was the wait worth it, you better believe it. You can read Xiaoqing's story on myspace and see that all was in His timing even though it was years after my call to China. His way and timing are always the best. But remember, If you ever want to come to China, he can tell you where to go from China as well as the US.
God bless you brother, proud of you!


jacq said...

My family knows very well the awkwardness of waiting and working when you have something different inside you. If we must endure this season to not be entangled in "stuff" that is called ministry than so be it. We also are having a defining moment with the word "ministry". I like you definition, "sitting and talking with people" something like that, very well said. blessings, jacq