Monday, October 29, 2007

A Taboo Topic

It seems to me like politics is a taboo topic amongst Christians. I try to have some good conversations with people about politics and they just clam up. Its funny. We'll sit around and gossip and whatever about people we know, but when we try and discuss politics and/or world affairs, they suddenly don't wanna have an opinion. I enjoy talking about politics and world affairs with people. My Bible says to go into all the world and the last time i checked, politics was apart of the world. I understand that not everyone is going to be gung ho about certain topics. And i understand that not many people care about really getting deep about it. but when you don't know the simplest things about a your own government, thats just scary. The American part of me thinks that this is one of the greatest if not the greatest nation, ever. I know that our government has made some policies in the past that weren't good. And those things definitely need to be fixed.

Here, i'll give everyone a quick very brief overview of our government.
3 main branches: Executive (The President), Judicial (Supreme Court, judges) and Legislative (House of Reps and Senate).
congress is House of Reps and Senate.
Whenever they say its a joint session, they mean the House of Reps and Senate are coming together. 2 senators per state and house of reps determined by the population of a state.
There are currently 16 cabinet members in the President's Cabinet. Homeland Security was created after 9/11.

Thus concludes our brief lesson on the U.S. government. I know there are issues and problems within that government. I won't turn a blind eye to that and act like we haven't botched things up in the past. but unless if you don't at least pray for our nation and our leaders, and if your able to and vote, i don't really know that i care to hear what you have to say.

at least pray. and if you can vote and you don't, thats your loss. voting doesn't solve everything. prayer does. but at least w/ voting your voicing your opinion to some degree. and even if it is the electoral college that actually votes in the president... still, voice your say.

i've dealt with people in the past who say that they don't vote b/c Earth isn't their real home, Heaven is. while i agree w/ that, i still say get out and make your voice heard. i've told those people directly to their face that since they could've voted and they simply didn't want to that i didn't wanna hear any complaints about our nation or our president and Washington b/c they didn't voice their opinion. they were a bit shocked, but they agreed.

in any case, have a great day.

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