Friday, October 19, 2007

The End of an Era

Well, for everyone, there are times and seasons. One of those seasons for me what working at Wal-Mart. I'm happy to let you all know that that season has come to an end. (Somewhere, on a far away village... there are villagers on a hill... and they're rejoicing right now..) Today, 10/19/07, was my last day there. I'll miss the people, but certainly not the policies.

How did it all happen? Kind of an interesting story really...

Just like the other week, an online article caught my attention. It was talking about The End Of The Wal*Mart Era. So anyways, as you can imagine, i was very interested right away. So i book marked this particular article. It is long so as of right now, i haven't read the whole thing. But i felt almost now like MSN was 'prophesying' over me. interesting huh?

But Thursday i had an interview scheduled for internet sales. I was going to be selling cars on the Internet i guess. That just didn't work out. So i just came home and tried to apply for another job w/ Samaritan's Purse. right during the time i'm on the phone with the people from Samaritan's Purse, another local business called me. a business the i had applied for sometime ago, Connextions. I have a lot of respect for Samaritan's Purse. I read at least one of Franklin Graham's books, "The Name" and it was really good (i highly recommend it).

In any case, i was talking with Connextions and mentioned that i wanted to be able to give Wal-Mart a 2 week notice, as that is the customary thing to do. But then Brian came and gave some of his perspective. He's worked in personell and has experience in these things. He recommended i just go talk to the management at work and see if they can't let me go. So i went and talked with them and they said that would be fine! So i called Connextions back and we worked it all out.

So yesterday, 10/19/07 was the end of the Wal-Mart era. I'll certainly miss the relationships i've had their. I certainly made a number of good quality friends. But its time for me to move on. And i'm sure i'll be back to go shopping. it'll just feel weird to not have a discount anymore. oh well, they were getting stingy with that anyways.

On 10/22 i start at Connextions. From what i gather of this business, it's a 3rd party technical support group. I'll be working with the Logitech Account. I guess all that means i'll be on the phone troubleshooting with customers. But i have a full 2 weeks of training first. So needless to say i'm excited.

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Clay said...

Thanks for giving some of the light to Wal-Mart. I too had this same experience when I left my short term with Wal-Mart to return to China. No skype yet, so little time on the computer, we just email when we have the opportunity.
All our love,
Clay, Pam, Xiaoqing, Aiguo, Xiaolin, Zhengnan, Xiaoya, Wumei, Xioajun, Lulu, Xiaoshu & Ziyue