Friday, October 5, 2007

Saving the World...

One fake travelers check at a time. Today i had a bit of an experience at work. Near the end of the day, a lady came through my line with a fake travelers check. How do i know it was a fake check? Well, it was a $500 traveler check and they don't make them.

So anyways, this lady was trying to make small talk and told me she was a district supervisor or something and that she was a secret shopper. Too bad Wal-Mart doesn't actually do that... but i rang her through and she spent about $100.85. Then she gave me the travelers check. But remembering that they don't make them, i tried to stall and call the proper people (who by the way, never came). But she eventually walked out and nothing really happened. My managers were really grateful.

As i was driving home, i was like should i be mad or what? I mean, i feel bad for these people who wanna steal from the store. I mean, they must be really struggling to make ends meet and/or just need a touch of God that their hearts would want to do this. I wish i could help people like this. they need Jesus just like anyone else.

so i'm not angry, but i wanna pray for these people that Jesus would meet their needs.

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