Wednesday, October 24, 2007

People are interesting

It hasn't been til just recently that i've started looking for other peoples blog sites and their myspaces and whatnot. I just find it soo funny in that the differences between the male sites and the female sites. Despite what some people wanna believe, guys and girls are different. Our physical bodies are different (if you haven't realized this yet, you need help), our emotional lives are different and the list goes on and on.

Sometime ago in one of my classes at school, the teacher, Dr. Peters, put up a slide to summarize the difference between guys and girls. For the guys, it was an on/off switch. for the girls, there were all sorts of dials and buttons and knobs and whatever else. That sums it up. Guys and girls are different. If you want to argue this, i'm all ears.

As i was pondering this today, i was just like "God, why do you have it that two 'species' that at times can't stand one another, fall in love and come together and do all we do?" Still haven't gotten an answer for it. It's just funny.

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Stevie B said...

There's a difference?