Sunday, October 21, 2007

Prophetic Words

I've grown up in the charismatic church for the most part. I've seen a quite a bit of flakiness and/or weirdness in the church. I've also experienced quite a good bit of fruit and stability in their as well. Some say the gifts have ceased with the last of the original apostles. I would obviously largely disagree w/ that train of thought.

But just recently, i was thinking about prophetic words. To prophesy is to speak the word of the Lord. Some think this means you have to say "Thus saith the Lord.." in a King James kinda way. I would disagree w/ that. It's pretty simply to prophesy actually. I simply seek the heart of the Father and pray and worship and the Holy Ghost moves.

Some are turned off by it because of things in the past and people abusing it and saying things and things not happening. Sometimes thats because it wasn't really the Word of the Lord for you and the person was simply saying something because they wanted to look important. Or other times its simply one of those that will happen in the future.

People make mistakes at times when saying things. They shouldn't've said something perhaps. The Lord will deal with those people. They're not necessarily a false prophet just because 10 years ago they said one wrong things. Unfortunately, we are human and we do make mistakes.

Paul told us all to prophesy. 1 Cor. 14:31. Paul also told us to do things in a fitting and proper manner. So don't despise prophesy and the gifts of the spirit, just use them wisely.

One thing i can't really stand are the weak prophetic words that are floating around in the 'charismatic/non denominational' circles. Sometimes it just gets to be too much. You look at a good measure of the prophetic words in the Bible and mostly all carried a message of repentance.

Nowadays, things just seem weak and superficial. It just seems to me that its all just "Jesus loves you..." type of stuff. Which is very true. Jesus loves you and me and He wants us to be in right relationship with God through the Cross. And when you accept Him, He calls you to lay your life down. You could very well be blessed to live with lots of money and live a very nice life... perhaps you may know it as the American Dream. And that could very well happen. However, if your whole reason for 'getting saved' is so that He will give you a nice life and a pool and a nice car to drive, i'd implore you to get truly saved. Not the American gospel saved, but a Biblical Salvation.

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