Thursday, October 25, 2007


I love to travel. I love to get in a car and go somewhere and spend time with people. Or jump on a plane and fly for hours and hours and hours.... i just have a high tolerance i guess for that stuff. i'm sure its different for different people, given their circumstances. Probably if and when you get small children, its a different story.

It's kind of funny now that i love to travel because when i was younger, probably around 5 or so, my family was going to Disney World. From where we lived in Pennsylvania, its a good probably 20+ hour drive. From what my parents tell me, we get to Lancaster City, about 20 minutes out and my mom tells me that i started saying "Go home now... go home now.."

Yeah, its one of those cute little kiddie things your parents will lovingly remind you of time and time again... like the time i kissed the flower girl at a wedding where i was the ring bearer...

In other news... This week is our missions festival and alumni gathering. This is an awesome time of year where a good number of the missionaries come back to the base and meet and greet and raise money... Its a dangerous time for bank accounts. I'm the type of person where i hear a need and i'm just like i wanna give...

So of course i'm giving. ever notice how throwing out $10 bucks to go see a movie is no big deal but giving that same money to a missionary is like a stretch to us? It's because one situation is where we are spending that money on ourselves and not someone else. People can tend to be a bit selfish... myself included. Another joy that i have is when i go out to eat with people and they're not able to cover their meal, i take it for them. That's why i love to help out around here because i'm simply spending my energy and time and not necessarily getting anything in return for it. Which sometimes, i have to really check my heart because i'll do something and i'm secretly hoping to get noticed for it.

But sometimes we have to ask ourselves why we are doing something. Is it to get recognised? I have to ask myself that a lot! Are you serving in certain aspects to get something in return? Or are you truly doing it to get noticed? Would you continue to do it if you wouldn't get recognised?

Giving unannounced. Giving in such a way that only God sees you doing it. That's fun to me.

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