Monday, October 15, 2007

Arm chair critics

Today while at work, i began to meditate some on 1 Cor 2:1-5. To summarize, the Apostle Paul is talking to the church of Corinth and he tells them that when He came there, he didn't want to come with wise and persuasive words. But with a demonstration of the Spirit and of power!

to give a little cultural background... the people of Corinth in that time were a very intellectual people. They would pay famous speakers to come in and just teach/talk to them about whatever various topics. Now, i'm not saying that its not a God thing to be wise and intellectual. I know many awesome powerful men and women of God who are brilliant and are using that effectively to the glory of God.

But what i am saying is is that i know of countless people who go to church week after week and probably have never had an encounter with the manifest presence of God! They go to church, thinking they're doing God a favor and doing the right thing by doing the church thing, but its really nothing. It's just ritual. Put their two hours in sunday morning to do the nice song and dance routine and walk out. I personally am annoyed at that. I can remember growing up that we would have family get togethers sunday afternoon. and in order to provide lunch for people at their homes, my relatives would just go to early service at church so as to get home and have the food ready by lunch time.

Isn't that cute... they think they're doing God a favor and doing the nice little church thing.... exscuse me while i run to the bathroom and puke....

Ok, i feel better now.... somewhat. honestly, if thats your idea, just stay home and forget about it. your not doing anyone a favor, least of all God. He doesn't want your lips, He wants your heart.

what would happen today if God were to come down in your church? i mean, how prepared would our hearts be for him? how many lies do we sing in church on sunday morning... "oh, i surrender all..." whatever...

You don't have to tell someone who's had an encounter with the Living God to go out and evangelize. through their lives it happens for the most part. i mean, just their stories get people doing. Take someone who's never had an encounter with Jesus and they might know good theology. And they might be able to take someone through the 4 Spiritual Laws or something. And thats fine. But take someone who's been a witness of God's love, and their witnessing takes on a whole new dimension. People they're talking with can feel a difference. It's not just a nice discussion, but the people they're talking with can probably tell they're doing it out of more love and a heart that says "I want you to experience what i've experienced."

When you've experienced God's love and in a certain manner, your life will change. I'm living proof of it. yeah, people can challenge things about your past, but give them your testimony. Watch them challenge that. God doesn't really need defended. I don't really do a whole lot of debating with people b/c i'm not a good debater. I'll share my point and they can share their's. But God can't really be defined to a point. He's not in our little box.

whats my point here? my point is is that we need the manifest presence of God again! i'm soo tired of boring services where we lack healings and salvations... give someone the presence and they're changed forever more. I was sitting talking w/ a group of people once and they were basically slamming a move of God on a few small points. Some of the points may have been a bit legit. But overall, they were talking out of ignorance. I sat and listened for a while. It was just funny to me to see how we think we know everything about everything.

Lately, God's been dealing with me about stewarding His presence. People were killed in the Old Testament for not stewarding God's Presense (The Ark of the Covenant) properly.

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