Tuesday, August 28, 2007

American Gospel Enterprise

I'm not sure what brought this topic up in my mind, but today i was thinking about our American Gospel Enterprise. Now, considering the fact the the President of the Bible school that i graduated from, Dr. Michael Brown, had written a book sometime ago entitled "The End of the American Gospel Enterprise," which was basically smashing the whole idea of marketing the gospel of Jesus. Let me start off by saying that my collection of books is rapidly growing. I'm a book junkie. Since coming down to FIRE, my collection has grown by leaps and bounds. Of course, a portion of that might have to do that while I was in school, our 'textbooks' were books that people had written.

I can remember the a popular Christian music artist, Stephen Curtis Chapman, has a song about it even. About the fact that we as American Christians have conferences on just about every topic known to man. We have prophetic conferences and financial conferences and tons of other things as well. And they're all well and good and all, for the most part. Now, my concern is is whats the difference that's being made? There had better be some sort of difference that's happening in our lives. I used to be a 'conference junkie'. meaning that i was going from conference to conference to experience something. and thats fine and i'm not coming down on those who go to christian conferences for whatever reason. but again, what is the difference being made.

You look at other parts of the world and they don't have conferences and seminars for all sorts of things. But the gospel is spreading the Christendom is growing at a rapid pace.

I personally don't watch much Christian programming on tv or on the radio at all. I just personally can't stand it much. People point fingers at them and accuse these people of all sorts of wrong doing. I don't necessarily have anything against the stuff, but what change is made.

I also get different music cds every month (meaning like 3-4 a month or so).

I just personally ask people what is the point of it all? some of it may be well and good... but i know for myself, i don't really want to need to go to a conference to experience God and to have a relationship with Jesus. if you so desire to go to a conference or seminar on whatever topic, go for it. I won't stop you. It's your money and your time. but i can't wait to see the fruits from it all.

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