Tuesday, August 7, 2007

O'Reilly Factor

Considering that Letterman never allows O'Reilly to answer one of his own questions... Letterman probably wishes for world peace and for everyone to have a nice fluffy white bunny to hold.

These ladies are just... God Bless Them. This show is another reason I'm close to writing off ABC altogether. I've watched numerous clips of this show. These ladies need to stay out of politics. Do they watch the news? I would like to see them sit in the seat of our national leaders. See how they do.

Again, i want to state that i do not back EVERY little policy that our leaders do. I don't like war... people die. But someone has got to step in and fight injustice. I say pray for our leaders and those in authority that the Lord would bless them with wisdom and the correct information to make the proper decision.

And I thank God that i live in a nation where i can even post something like this w/o fear or retribution from the government.

Does anyone else notice that its ok to verbally trash our national leaders and yet when a radio celeb says mean things about a sports team (not something i condone either. the statement that was made about the ladies was mean.) we jump all over them? sounds like a double standard to me.

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