Monday, August 13, 2007

Electronic toys

This is one of my more selfish blogs, just to let you all know. I am a huge music fan. I get new cds like crazy. (And books too... i love to read). but the other nite, i dropped my ipod and had to send it away to get repaired/replaced. So for like the past 2 weeks i've been w/o the pod. I'm learning to cope with it. After all, i've only had it for about a little over a year maybe. so i've coped before. It's also been a chance to go through my iTunes music and get things ready for when i get the toy back and plug it back in and put all my music and pictures on their. That's one of the good things about getting a new pod. i'm able to edit some of the stuff. I think i had a good amount of doubled songs and even had a song or two that i have no idea how they got on their and definitely didn't want on there. ( i was listening to one of the songs once and all of a sudden, the guy starts dropping all sorts of interesting language. one of the sad things is is that i had a few songs on their from my parents computer that i now lost... oh well. it was fun while it lasted...

also, i recently purchased a brand spankin' new computer online! yippee!! my very own computer... at last. it wasn't exactly what i wanted to drop about a thousand on, but things things happen. luckily, my credit limit has been stretched due to the fact that i've always been good on paying off credit. so i just put the whole things on card. i'm not concerned. i plan on using both ipod and computer for future preaching appointments.

the ipod was a gift i bought myself w/ money from graduating FIRE and the computer is just kinda a necessity.

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