Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Beef..its what's for dinner

I enjoy getting books that are thought provoking and tell a good challenging story line. I like to watch movies and read things that challenge me in every sphere of life. I can't stand sitting and listening to sermons and reading books that just tell me that i'm a good person. it's just one of my pet peeves. if i go to the doctors office and i would have a serious medical condition, i don't want him to say "well Shawn, you have some problems here, but ur an overall nice guy and i really like you..." well doc, thats great, but whats the problem? i'm not paying you $20 copay to sit here and for you to stroke my ego. same goes for cars. if my car is having a problem, i don't just wanna go there and have them tiptoe around the problem and just tell me i'm a nice guy. b/c at that point in time, i'll be a nice guy w/ some serious car problems or other issues.

same goes for preaching of the Word. i can't stand to sit there and listen to a preacher just tell me nice things. now, if its the word of the Lord, then ok... so be it. but lets get over the nicey nice stuff and see what the Holy Ghost is saying to the church. lets dig deep, get over our own little offenses and change this world. sometimes, i can understand how someone might be offended at something a minister says. but sometimes, i'm just like "get over yourself you wimp." and usually when there's an offense, something was taken out of context. sometimes its that the speaker does need to hone some of their speaking skills, admittedly i'm sure i've said stuff in the past that i now regret.

i guess all this is coming from the fact that i just got Jesus Freaks Vol. 2: Revolutionaries. People who have made a lasting impact in our world. i'm sure numerous times through it i'll be questioning my own salvation. what makes me think i'm soo revolutionary...? but sometimes, you gotta take things into perspective...

Jesus loves you and has a plan for your life. Its more than just living and going to work or school. Its not about what you can get from it. it's about you giving of your life. It's not about you receiving Jesus into your heart and him giving you a nice car, house, pool in the back yard, 2.3 kids, dog Spot, white picket fence, living in suburbia America. all that stuff is fine and not to say that if you have those things, your in sin. God looks at your heart. what are you doing for Christendom? what are you doing to impact your world? what am I doing to impact my world?

just something to chew on here....

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