Thursday, August 23, 2007

Immersion 2007

Well, perhaps for the two of you who might check this site out from time to time, i'll quickly fill you in on whats going on.

FIRE School is about to start a whole new trimester. So we decided to retreat into the hills on the western side of North Carolina to immerse this new class into FIRE. So, we rented a retreat center out in Marion, NC and we brought the students out here. We're splitting this whole week into two segments. Wed-Sat. is the new students and then Sat-Mon is the returning students. What is my job throughout all of this? It's basically to be here 'on staff' and make sure things run properly. I'm like the handy man around here. I got here Tuesday afternoon to bring food up. We've been building things since we got here. Wednesday morning before the students arrived, we made 8 3-tier bunk beds. Those go in the girls dorms. So, we the guys have put a lot of care into that. not only are we constructing them, but we're putting them together w/ loves of TLC for our precious sisters. This is a super quick overview of whats going on considering my time constraints. I actually got a nap in today for the first couple days! Amazing.. i know! i actually had time. Because Tuesday i got here and was working ever since other than sleeping and eating.

That's about it for now.

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