Thursday, August 9, 2007

Rage Against the Machine

The youth at our church just got back from their yearly retreat. And one girl was giving a testimony of her time. She had been coming to church for a time, but she was basically an atheist or agnostic, and she was more or less just going thru the motions. It angered me in a way and got me to thinking at the same time. How often do i go through the motions? How often do i put on a nice face, wanting to mask hurt, or disappointment? When people ask how i'm doing and i just say "oh wonderful" when i really want to say that i feel like hell right now. like i basically don't feel like being here right now.

How often do you, dear reader, put on the nice face? The nice Christian face and go through the motions. When everything inside of you wants to start balling your eyes out from the hurt, anger, disappointment etc? Honestly w/ me, i'd prefer people to be themselves. if they're having a bad day, just say so. typically, i let language fly. when people are feeling hurt and they start cussing up a storm, i don't go "oh, please don't say that." at times i might. depending on the situation. but honestly folks, its time for a change. this man-made system we got going for us isn't really working too well.

FIRE School of Ministry is all about a Jesus Revolution. We recognise that we need a change in our society and we're going to make some changes. This doesn't give us a license to be jerks, or airheads. On the contrary, i believe that we should make wise choices and educated decisions. Get the facts and make a choice. Some of us around here have no problem voicing our opinions. We're very bold. One guy in our fellowship takes to the street with a 10' wooden cross. You wanna talk about a conversation starter.... he takes it downtown Charlotte, or right into the heart of race traffic. We've seen great and wonderful miracles happen.

My biggest irk is those who sit in the pew and think they have it all together. I'll be the first one to tell you that the more you learn about God, the less you realize you know. People sit there and act like they know it all. Almost having an unteachable attitude. That bugs me. Because i know beyond a shadow of a doubt that an amount of the time they're bold face liars. I've learned its ok to say "yeah know, i don't know what that means."

All this to say that i really do love the Body of Christ. I believe in organization and following guidelines. i myself am quite gifted administratively. I can be very organized given the ability to do so. I just think its time to get a clue and get on our knees like we know we should. Sometimes, i wish we'd experience more persecution. The church always grows stronger thru it because people realize that its a reality. That its not just a nice little sunday morning thing, but they're lives count on it. i say its time to pray.

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