Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Law of Grace

Well, since February, i've been doing a cover to cover reading of the Bible. It's been hard at times... just sometimes i feel like i'm just reading and not paying attention. but there seems to be a real grace for it for the time being. Because at least i'm getting this stuff into my mind and later on able to somewhat recollect it.

I've heard more sermons in the past few years than what i can even remotely remember. I've discovered that i don't actually remember most of them unless if there was some kinda point of rememberance. And once i have that point, i can pretty much remember a good portion of what was said and done. It's funny though to hear peoples responses to different things. So often people say "oh, well, i'm under grace so therefore..." when we forget that the Law of Grace holds us to a higher standard than the Law of Moses (Ten Commandments). Ten Commandments says to not commit adultery (no affairs). Law of Grace says if you've looked at a woman w/ a perverted sexual thought, you've already commited the act in your heart. thats rough. here's the kicker: Jesus died for all our sins. His blood makes up for my sins and your sins. so your probably thinking "so i can just keep sinning and Jesus covers me..?" well, thats not exactly the idea.

think of it this way: you've done something nice for a cop and he gives you a "get out of a ticket for free" card. (I don't think they actually do this, but run w/ me here). So, your sitting on this card, just waiting to use it. you can use it if your ever stopped for speeding and the officer is giving you a ticket, or something of that nature. now, do you just go flying down the road and wait for the cop to pull you over, at which time you'll give them the card? or, do you wait until you really need it and didn't have the intention of doing something wrong and then pull the card out? I'd probably wait until you really need it. Hebrews 10:26 states that there is no atonement for those who have knowingly sinned and just waiting for the blood to cover you.

in other words: don't abuse the cross and the blood of Jesus and use it for stupid purposes. I mean, if you mess up then of course, the blood covers you. but don't knowingly sin and just exscuse yourself by saying that Jesus has paid the price for you. it doesn't work like that. Use the blood for worth while purposes. Leading a true sinner to the Cross is good. That's what Jesus died for. His blood covers the heart of a truly repentant person. when you truly repent, you begin a new life. You begin a new friendship with Jesus. and friends don't like it when you do something that hurts them. So don't be stupid and misuse the blood of Jesus.

Don't just come to Christ for what you can get out of the deal. thats wrong. when you truly come to Christ, you turn from your wickedness and don't wanna do things anymore that Jesus wouldn't want you to do. Be smart.

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