Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

Memorial Day has come and gone. My parents and younger sister Amber came down for a couple days. Most importantly, they got to see where i live and meet the Mitchells. I can't express just how greatful i am to be in the place i'm at right now. I like having two little sisters again and living w/ a family. It definitely beats living w/ other guys for the time being. Yeah, so i have 4 moms now..... i'm well taken care of. Here is a picture of me w/ my two little sisters... Alyssa (7) on the left and Lauren (9). it's really funny w/ them b/c if i come home a little later than what i originally said, i get grilled by them. but i know they love me so i just play along and we have a good time.
But in light of Memorial Day, i wanted to take some time and just express my appreciation for our men and women in the armed forces. I mean, here is a people who lay down their lives for others in ways that some of us can't imagine. I think its time we truly got behind all of them and their commanders and all the leadership (President included) and truly begin to start backing out military. I for one am getting very tired of the lies i'm fed from the news and just all the bad stuff we hear. Believe it or not, there's a lot of good stuff doing on in Iraq. Despite what the media wants you think and believe. I know i for one am sick of the media making the President and other leaders of the country looking like ideas and not knowing what they're doing. And i say its time to get behind the leadership of the country and pray for them. The following is an article from someone in the military and his opinion of how he thinks the media is doing and how the country needs to respond. . I do want to say that i don't completely agree w/ absolutely everything Bush does or the other leaders, but I'd like so see some people do better. So CNN, and all you other news agencies out there... how about some truth for once?
Well then, i feel better, i don't know about you. Thanks again for the time here in reading this. It means alot. Until further ado...

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