Friday, May 25, 2007

Is the customer always right?

In my opinion... NO! That phrase, along w/ many other phrases out there, is largely made into something its not. I just have a real intolerance for arrogance in Americans. They think the world revolved around them and that they can never be wrong. From one American to another, thats a big fat stinkin' lie. I haven't researched the above phrase (which i need to do), but for the most part, the customer probably has no clue as to what the world is going on half the time, but still acts like they own the place. And they threaten to talk to a manager or whoever to hopefully get the person fired or something, which is totally annoying.

The other day, i was working a register at work. And these two ladies came up, i'm assuming it was an elderly mother and her daughter. Just a little side note: those speedy check out lanes at Wal-Mart or any other store... they're not for the big cart fulls of stuff. It's for the small orders. You know, like what can fit in your hands comfortably. In any case, this elderly mother claims she didn't realize that this was a 20 items or less lane. and part way through, she kinda starts to get concerned. I quickly just calmed her down... told her not to worry about it. then she realizes that there were three other empty speedy check out lanes wide open. And all during this, her daughter is holding dialogue w/ me as well. I guess i'm an easy reader, meaning that people can quickly see through my actions and read what i'm thinking (which actually doesn't really bother me a whole lot). so the elderly mother just says "oh, well, at least there are other check out lanes available." I just gently replied "well, thats not really the point of which i mean." well, by now, the daughter decides that i guess i'm not doing the best job of customer service. And she basically threatens w/ taking her business elsewhere. now, thats really the wrong threat to use w/ me considering its such a stupid one w/ me. The thought going through my head: "really? do you mean it?!?" what i actually said: nothing, just kept working.

all in all, we as Americans need a healthy dose of a butt kicking. i mean, yes, our military is probably one of the greatest in the world in that we could probably woop up on anyone who dares pick a fight w/ us... but still. folks, wake up and realize how arrogant you really are. b/c honestly, its just sickening. i honestly don't blame other countries for hating us at times. thats all for now.

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