Sunday, May 20, 2007

January 2007

It's amazing how time flies. This year began pretty decently for me. I was able to take a month off of work and do some traveling. I started off w/ spending two weeks in Pennsylvania w/ my family there. It was good to see everyone and spend time w/ family.

From there, i flew from Philadelphia to London Heathrow to spend two weeks in England! It was great! My sister and brother in law live over there w/ their two children. Josiah, who right now is not quite a year old and Jayda who is almost 4. So i got to spend some uncle time w/ them. That and i got to tear down a cement wall to make their living room a bit bigger. Flats in Europe are tiny compared to apartments over here and way more expensive! Right now, the dollar is still half as valuable to the pound. Meaning that if i trade in $50 for pounds, i'd only get back about 25 pounds. yeah, its rough. but oh well, i went over there and had a wonderful time. i got at least two good days of site seeing and running all over the city w/ my sister and her friends. it was great. My brother in laws mum, Nana, took care of Jayda and Josiah for the day while we went and did the touristy thing.

I've learned one important thing in all my worldwide travels: right now, i'm not called to live overseas. taking short terms teams over, yes. but live outside of the country here, no.

In any case, I had a wonderful time in London, England. totally different culture and some awesome experiences. The house that i'm currently living in right now would probably be considered a mansion over there. the price of living is super high and for what you get for it, its not that good. no quality wise, but just size wise. you pay a lot more for less quantity. but i'd go over again in a heart beat.

There is a remnant of believers over there in the church that is sticking fast to the word of God. I told my brother in law Duncan when i was leaving that i considered myself very blessed that in the church he's currently leading, that they're holding fast to the word of God and not letting a shady false gospel come in. but that they mention repentance and are sticking strong to what they have. that meant a lot to me and challenged me to get into the Word. If your over in that area of the world, I'd encourage you to get in contact w/ my brother in law, Duncan Forbes.

So for now, you have this. I'm going to be adding pictures later on. Laterz.

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