Tuesday, May 1, 2007

the Joy of Repenting

I think i may need to make some distinctions. Jesus came to die for us all. However, he doesn't let us get away w/ sin. He loves you as a person, but He doesn't love our sin. God cannot stand to look at sin and just wink as you. I have an issue at times when people try to justify certain actions. For instance, I was talking w/ a guy once who had just recently got a tattooe. i for one don't like tattoos. i think they're ugly. even the ones that have some sort of religious theme to them. in any case, this guy tried to justify getting a tattoo by saying that at least he was able to talk w/ the artist while he was getting it done. that to me is hogwash. Jesus related to people, but he didn't condone their lifestyles. i thoroughly believe that Jesus went into bars and some places that are sin laden. however, i don't think that he would have gotten drunk and/or participated in the activities that happened in those places. that thinking taken to its logical conclusion, exscuses sin. it winks at it. i mean, what next, "Hookers for Him." But Shawn, i'm trying to relate to these people." a doctor doesn't help people out by getting the disease himself, but he provides a cure for it. we need to stop justifying sin and realize that Jesus died for us to have a way out. Jesus loves all people, but he doesn't love their sin. He loves porn stars as people, but he most certainly doesn't love the lifestyle they live. slapping the "Jesus loves you" onto something doesn't make it Christian just like walking into a church facility makes you a Christian. its a heart attitude. Jesus doesn't exscuse sin. He loves you out of it. If a person practicing homosexuality comes to me and says "i want to change from my wicked sinful lifestyle... can you help?" i will lovingly embrace them and help them out all i can as long as they are repentant. if they're not repentant, then theirs nothing i can do. if in their heart they don't want to change, then there is nothing i can do. In Romans, Paul addresses the issue of homosexuality. he says that if they're unwilling to change, just let them go in their sin. he doesn't say to still welcome them into the church body.

true repentance means a turning from sin and laying down your life for the gospel. it doesn't mean ask Jesus into your heart and continue on in your lifestyle of sin.

but let the past be just that... the past. Jesus bled and died for you to spend eternity w/ Him. and that means giving up your old lifestyle and coming into a new one (Rom. 12:2).

thanks for reading this. i hope to be posting pictures on here eventually for all the world to enjoy.

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