Saturday, May 5, 2007

Been thinking...

i'm still soo very new to all of this. I use the computer alot and i've done the xanga thing and the myspace thing (still actually have myspace up and running, but i'm just not really doing anything w/ it) but yeah. i just now changed my template for this thing. i wasn't digging the pink shade of things. i'm hoping to put some pictures on here.... just have to take them. i'm wanting to put some pictures of my current living abode. again, we just have to take them and make sure they're ok and make sure i don't have my address anyway linked to it (protect the family here).

but i've been thinking alot recently... ok, so i graduated from Bible school... now what? the whole theme of our school is to be revolutionary to take over the world type of thing... but what makes me soo revolutionary? i dunno. i mean, ok, so i have a decent amount of knowledge of the Bible.. big deal. just who do i think i am? in any case, something to ponder over.

i'm still working on scripture pages. i'll be adding a lot more pages to my already 44 pages of scripture i got. that and bible trivia. which, by the way, i got a cool link to something called Bible drill ( its really neat. just when you think you know something, u find out how ignorant you truly are. its a good pride killer. peath out ya'll.

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