Wednesday, May 9, 2007

God uses you, despite yourself

Tonight was pretty cool. I had the chance to go minister at a local youth group in Salisbury (about 20miles north of concord). and i had a good time. I went w/ David Lyons and a few others. David is one of my buddies here who is in a transition phase in his life.

anyways, he got invited by a youth pastor up there to come and share about missions. so i went w/ him and he even let me share for like 3 minutes. which is super hard.... i mean, to share something on your heart in 3 minutes. good grief. you barely get out your name. anyways, during worship, i was praying and asking God for something to give this group. and He brought me to Matt. 5:13-16, about being salt and light. and basically, your salt and light whereever you go. which i later found out that the youth pastor, Jeremy, had spoken about like 2 weeks before. so that was nice to know that i was on the mark.

in any case, i think God really did something. i mean, there wasn't necessarily any big manifestation in the natural. but i think that some of the youth were genuinely touched. so praise God that He uses me, despite myself.

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