Friday, May 18, 2007

America Bless God

You know, its soo easy to get mopey and grumbling... so i just wanted to take some time and just publically thank God for a few things.

First off, i thank God for life. The ability to live. The very breath that is in my body. I mean, life just rules.

Thank God for a job. Despite the many issues i got w/ it, thank God that i have to worry and deal w/ those issues. There are those that can't because they don't have a job. I've been to other countries and seen what other people live in... and it keeps you quite and from complaining about the stuff you may or may not have.

I thank God my my leaders.
My spiritual leaders that the Lord has established around me. Men of God who have laid down their lives from a cause much bigger than themselves.
I also thank God for the governmental leaders that the Lord has put in place over me. and like it or not, i appreciate the job that our current leader, President Bush is doing. (yes, i voted for him and would vote for him again given the circumstances and given the current people who are there.) I appreciate that Bush doesn't bow out to the whims of man, but he's stayed a course. (I don't like war, but i also don't like a leader who gases his own people and rules by fear. I would love for our service men and women to come home asap, but not before they should. May our leaders to God for wisdom.)

I also thank God for the life i have. I feel extremely overly blessed. To be getting calls at work wondering if i'll be home for dinner or what i'm doing. I mean, FOOD! PTL!

I thank God for a spiritual revolution that is coming. for the emergence of the Jesus People. God, You're doing something amazing right now around the world. Your turning the tide of a generation which will in turn change the World.

Thank God for the cross of Christ and repentance.

I'm sure that there is more, but that's what i got for now. God is good... though it doesn't always feel like it... God is good. I was just thinking recently how much of a brat i've been and haven't taken the time to publically thank God. so there you got it.

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