Sunday, April 29, 2007


in my few years of being on this planet, i've seen a lot of abuses in different arenas.

first off, politically speaking, i guess you could say i'm a moderate conservative republican. i believe in absolute Biblical truths. there is a right and wrong, black and white. there is no such thing as the term "separation of church and state" in the Constitution. kicking God out of the public arena is an absolutely stupid idea. of course God offends people.... they're sinners and sinners hate God! i don't understand a liberalistic ideology and i can't understand how someone can call themselves a believer and go along w/ what the liberal media says.

church in general.... they're have been a lot of abuses in the church in general. leaders who have dabbled in all sorts of problems. do you realize that you'll never find 'the perfect' church? do you know why that is? b/c as soon as you join, it becomes imperfect. do you realize that humans make mistakes? they fail you? oh yeah. its crazy. so why did God entrust us humans, a race that He most likely knew was gonna 'drop the ball'? thats a really good question... here's a question for you: are you going to allow a bunch of other people stop you from going to God? thats the sob story i get from other people. i mean, if you don't wanna go to church, just say you don't wanna go. at least don't give me the exscuse that others are the problem. the church is made up of sinners. sinners saved by the grace of God. what more can be said?

i think thats it for now. God is good. Jesus is Lord. PTL.

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