Monday, June 30, 2008

Major Adjustments

It has been almost a week now since my grandpa died. I found out about it a week ago tonite. Its been a crazy week to say the least. I cried a lot Tuesday and Wednesday. And i'm glad i didn't have to drive up. I wouldn't have made the trip up. I would've been a mess.

In any case, now its time for us to continue right along. I head back down to Charlotte tomorrow and continue on with life. It's going to take some time to adjust to all of this. For those of you who ever lost a relative that was really close to you, you will know how I feel.

One good thing that has happened is the fact that our family has really come together and bonded over it. I've been reciting comforting scripture time and time again and praying a lot. The fact that my grandpa is with Jesus is great consolation. It's just moreso the fact that we have a lot of adjustments to make. God is good and His Word is good.

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