Friday, June 20, 2008

Lakeland comes to Concord

This weekend, the regional churches of Concord are coming together to welcome Todd Bentley and Fresh Fire Ministries. I've been helping out w/ it. Last night I didn't get home until about 2 AM. I've been ushering/greetings/all around great guy mainly. There are likes and dislikes for me.

For those who say that he's not focusing on the lost and seeing people come into the kingdom, i'm glad your wrong. In listening to his altar call last night for salvation, i heard the 'repentance' word used a bit. so that settled well within my Spirit.

One of the cons was that when they intro'd Todd, he got a bigger welcome than Jesus. That obviously didn't sit well with me.

I was able to join in on the prayer tunnel and pray for people. Now that was fun! Hehe. For those who don't know what a prayer tunnel is... you line the people up who will be praying for others in lines facing each other about shoulder width apart. Then the people who are getting prayer walk between the people and simply receive. I get more out of praying FOR folks than getting prayer. It's just how i'm wired. They do the prayer tunnels (at church, we call them FIRE tunnels, but its the same concept, just different terminology) a little differently. They actually have two tunnels going at the same time. Todd stood at the front of the tunnel and the folks just went on either side of him. He has two hands so you do two tunnels.

But to start off the night, i was on elevator duty. And i didn't mind doing it, other than the fact that i must've had a badge on me that said "Complaint department". The arena sits about 5,000 people. That quickly filled up. Then the overflow sits another couple thousand was quickly filled up. The totally cool thing was that they said that a couple thousand folks were lined up along the highway praising God! Now thats awesome!!! Sadly, they had to turn many folks away (which i'm not happy about).

But here is something to think about, something for you to ponder over... One thing that i did notice was all the wheelchairs and handicap folks coming in. And one thing that doing elevator duty for me did was giving me a greater desire to seek God for more of Him to pray for folks to get healed. I say its time we stop looking to one man to heal everyone, but for the church (the Bride of Christ) to assert her maturity and power and to perform signs and wonders.

Granted, I do believe that there are folks with a gift for this. But at the same time, it is our job to be doing this. Also, I'm not pointing fingers at any one else other than myself. Even while sitting here writing this, the Holy Spirit is speaking to me as well about my life.

I'm grateful for what the Lord is doing in Lakeland. I'm grateful for what the Lord is doing in the world. He's stirring hearts and lives. He's shaking everything that can be shaken. And my heart is stirred for more of God to take it to a lost and hurting and dying world. He's stirring me and challenging me to be more of a man of my word and a man of His Word and His Spirit. Lately, the Lord has been pointing out areas of my own life that need to be fixed and changed. And if i'm going to be leading others in the future and having influence over them, I need to get my own life in order. I've seen too many ministers and leaders in the Body of Christ falling because of sin. And i need to take the necessary steps to prevent that for myself and my future.

And praise God that the Lord is moving in the world! He's bringing the lost into right relationship with Himself and restoring lives and the prodicals are coming home! PTL!

Well, that's for now. Just wanted to share these things with you all.

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