Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Bit of an Update

I tried to go into work this morning, but didn't make it. Just before i clocked in I went to one of my managers there and tried to explain what was going on, but simply broke down crying. He said go home and take the rest of the week off.

So then i came home and laid down on my bed and tried to fall back to sleep. But that didn't work. I tried to change my flight, but it would've cost a lot of money. So i'll just leave in the morning. In the meantime, i've been packing and trying to eat (not much of an appetite, but doing what i can.) and i was watching some comedy online. I needed some good laughs, instead of crying. So i'll fly out tomorrow morning and be in PA by about 10:30am. I knew i wouldn't be able to do that drive, and i found a good priced ticket out of Charlotte.

I get to do some of the eulogy for my grandpa. They're giving me 5 minutes. I guess they believe in miracles b/c i'll shoot those 5 minutes in a heartbeat. Get me to talk about something I like or enjoy and is on my heart and i can keep going.

I can't thank everyone enough for their overwhelming support doing this time. The Lord had been preparing my heart for some time for this, but it still is hitting me hard. I've been crying a lot the last 30 hours.

The Lord is good and His mercy and love endures forever.
Jesus is King and He is on the throne.

Its important to mourn and get it out. Be blessed everyone.

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