Monday, June 23, 2008

The Great Cloud of Witnesses

I just got a call from my parents that my grandfather passed away tonight. He was truly a patriarch of my family and he taught me many great things. He instilled in me a great work ethic. He also spoke some great wisdom into my heart and my mind. Without him, i truly wouldn't be the man of God that i am today. And i literally wouldn't be in the place that i am today. he is truly a man to aspire to be more like, other than Jesus Himself, he truly led a way to Jesus. He truly led by example. He is now looking on from the great cloud of witness cheering me on. He was a man who loved Jesus more than anything and it was out of that they he served with his whole heart. Thank you Jesus for such a great example that you had put in my life, other than You Jesus. Thank you for providing people to look up to and admire. People who walked according to Your Word and Your truth. Praise Jesus for evermore!

You may think "how can you be soo calm at a time like this?!?!" well, for one, the Lord has been preparing my heart for sometime now about this very issue. A number of years ago, the Lord gave me a dream about this.

It's a bitter sweet... my grandpa is with Jesus. I'm jealous. My roommate just wrote a song about it and below is the lyrics.

A Legacy Singing
by Joshua Pearson

I walked down the avenue, when i heart the news
You kept walking, I stared up at the stars
Through a veil of tears, it was as if heaven was saying

Well done my servant, well done my son
You lived well on Earth, now we are one
Welcome to heaven, Your life has just begun

The trees so tall, have left no legacy
Like the one you gave me
I'll remember You always
Till His face with you I'll see
Till then i'm proclaiming

There is a God, There is one Fathers
There is a cause, like no other
There is a power, blood from one Savior
A legacy singing

RIP Grandpa, forever in my heart and mind.

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Anonymous said...

God bless you and your family Sean! Sorry for your loss.