Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Let's face it, we all have them. We all have stereotypes of other people. A goth, a stoner (one who does marijuana, drug addict) smoker, geek/nerd, skater, beach bum.. the list goes on and on. And in today's American culture, everyone tries to 'not judge', which is just a bunch of baloney.

What brought this to mind? Today i was watching a youtube video of Todd Bentley being interviewed by Fox's Geraldo Rivera. Todd was getting asked about his tattooes and piercings and his financial records and about the healings that were taking place. And Todd had answers for the financial records and the healings that were taking place. To verify them (which I wouldn't mind knowing as well.)

But the funny thing about the whole ordeal was the fact that a secular mindset is trying to figure a sacred thing out. The world is trying to figure out the church. Good luck w/ that one.

I remember when i was in high school and i was talking w/ one of my science teachers about scientific equations. And i was asking about certain chemicals and mixing them up. Her only response was that "You can't do that." And i just pressed it a bit and said 'why not?' To which she responded "You just can't."

I politely said "Doesn't sound very 'scientific' to me. Also in other talks with her about creation vs. evolution, the only response was that 'Scientists just believe that.' Ok, but i'm looking for fact here. I believe something else and that's not being taught... seems a little unbalanced to me. But then again, that's just my narrow minded way of thinking... maybe i should be more 'open minded'.

Just a side note here: the above is coming from someone who's younger sister is going into the medical profession and i fully support her in that. I believe that the Lord gave scientific knowledge for us to discover attributes about Him that we may not have otherwise discovered. I personally don't care for science, but i'm 1 of countless billions.

In any case, we all have mindsets about something or other. How about we get a sports athlete in an interview and ask them about what they're doing w/ the millions of dollars they make a year? Or a movie star or someone else... It seems to me like the people who say don't judge are coming up with all the stereotypes and mindsets of those who they're telling not to judge.

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