Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More randomness

On the political scene, its smear campaign time, which means dig up as much dirt as you can on the person and use it against them. How about praying and asking what the Lord wants? I guess it helps in my case that my man Huckabee is currently not in the running. So that narrows my options down... I can't vote for Obama (he supports genocide aka abortion) and a number of other things that i can't agree w/. And McCain just doesn't sit right with me. I'm not sure what i'll be doing.

Right now around here, its blazing hot. About a hundred degrees outside. I'm not complaining though... i mean, its the south and its summer time. What am I to expect? On Sunday, I dressed up for church. Usually i'll go in khakis and a nice shirt.... looking presentable. Or i'll wear jeans and a nice shirt. But since i went in shorts and a t-shirt last week (we had a church picnic right afterwards), i decided to go the other direction this week. So i got on a pair of khaki pants, a dress shirt and a tie. It was fun. I wouldn't necessarily do it every week, but every now and then, its fun. Then after that, i had a prayer team get together and then i went down to Charlotte for an event that's known as "A Taste of Charlotte". Good times... and food.

More and more people are joining onto the social networking craze. It's ok, but sometimes these things are just more annoying than anything. They're nice in the fact that i'm able to keep in contact w/ folks all over the globe and it feels like they're just right next door. It's annoying in that it seems somewhat largely superficial. Superficial in the fact that you get requests from folks who are you 'friends' and yet you never really hear from them.

I have a gift certificate for $50 to a restaurant somewhere out in Huntersville (about 30 minutes from here.) So we're planning on making it a formal event and getting a few folks together and having some fun. Getting all dressed up and doing and gorging ourselves, meanwhile trying to stay out of trouble. We'll see how well that works since some of the folks who i know are coming are known for their random antics. We shall see...

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