Saturday, February 23, 2008

Through which lens?

Over the years, i've learned to take criticism. Everyone is a critic nowadays. Everyone has an opinion on the matter. Even when some people don't even know all the facts, they still have an opinion. The church that i currently attend, FIRE, was 'birthed' (or started) out of a major revival that rocked the world. And in that revival, people had opinions. Some good, some bad, some indifferent.... Some would say that the things that happened there were majorly demonic or wrong or weren't the Holy Ghost.

The article below is about the founder of FIRE, Dr. Brown. Recently, a local magazine did an article on him. It's interesting. i find it interesting whenever the media (or secular mindset) tries to define God or something of the supernatural. i've come to terms w/ the fact that God can't be described. it's just not going to happen. Try and explain God to someone and man... you can really get into some good conversation. But in reading this article, i laughed. and was shocked. The article was very well written. Lots of good adjectives and the writer really knows how to write well. I give them that. And he even gave me some things to ponder and perhaps look into. but i just find it amazing whenever the media has to research things of the Spirit. Because, for the most part, they're going into territory that is hard to chart.

I mean, you can easily cover a basketball game. Give the stats and players names and the highlights of the game. That's easy. But imagine trying to describe wind. it's actually harder to describe the simple stuff! Because it just happens!

But i encourage you to read the below article. And if you were apart of the revival in Brownsville, i'd love to get your take on it. if you weren't and your a critic of revival or God or religion, i'd like to get your take on it as well. p;Itemid=106


Anonymous said...

I like your take on the article about dr brown. i too was part of the revival. it sort of made me sad to read the article. to be honest. im soo grateful to have been a part of a such a great move of God, but at the same time sometimes i can't wrap my brain around it. i guess as a human i shouldn't expect to be able to explain God and his vastness! post revival is hard!

shawnman said...

it made me sad too. i felt bad for those who were mistreated in it and during it and after. but it was a great move of God. And i can't wait to see what is next. I know i'm going to be a part of something great in the future.