Thursday, February 7, 2008

Current Election News

So Romney dropped out of the race today. I respect him for his decision. And i'm glad my man man Huckabee is still in. As of right now, he's still the one getting my vote. I can't vote for McCain. He's not a conservative. He's a baby killer. (Hillary and Obama aren't even a passing thought for me.) I want a Godly man in that office. I want a person who fears God more than someone who knows how to wax eloquently with people. Smooth talkers scare me. I'm voting for Huckabee.

I pray that the Lord speaks to every heart and mind and that hearts and minds would be sensitive to what the Holy Spirit is saying. Lord, bless those in leadership with Your heart and mind. I pray the fear of the Lord over my leaders. May they fear You over people.

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Anonymous said...

a very good prayer
fear in the form of reverence and awe.