Friday, February 29, 2008

Future in mind...

My four old niece, Jayda, recently informed my sister (her mom) of her plans for her future. Now, bear in mind that as of current, Jayda is 4 years old. Her plans for her future are as follows:

I would like to have children. Four children, called Noelle, Thomas, Iris, and Sam (in that order). My husband is going to be named Blake (I will have a different Blake to the Blake we know now). We are going to have a bunny. Not a dog or cat, because they bite children. I’m going to live in a house of bricks, and glass windows. My husband and my children will help me build ourselves a house. We will build our house on the rock and not the sand. I will give my children a much bigger room because I have four children. My husband is going to do the cooking. He will cook noodles for us, because I will probably like them when I get older. My job will be at a workplace somewhere, doing work things, where you take your lunch. I want to do typing, and printing coloring sheets and games for the children’s Sunday school. The children will go to big school and I will take them to Disney world. I will go to church and sing songs about God being Holy.

Now remember, this is coming from a 4 year old. But i'll be interested to see how much of this she actually fulfills. She's a little strong willed, strong spirited little girl. I guess we'll see.

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Anonymous said...

a lot like her uncle i bet! hehe.
she is wonderful and creative.