Monday, February 11, 2008

Prophetic Weirdness

The title of this one comes from my of my buddies here at church.... let me explain.

Being in the charismaniac circles that i run in, i've grown very accustomed to just starting to pray an innocent little bless them prayer and minutes later, people are on the floor laughing and crying (and sometimes shaking) under the anointing and power of God. (And i also know that at times, people start getting off into weird doctrine and get away from what the Bible is saying. And that's not cool. We need to keep ourselves inline with scripture.) Now, i know that some of the above doesn't fit into some precious theology that people have grown accustomed to... but oh well. I myself have been in meetings where you just start praying for people and the anointing of God starts flowing and all sorts of 'prophetic weirdness' starts happening. People start getting visions and the prophetic words come about... its become common practice for me. I like to flow in the prophetic vein.. it keeps me sane. (In saying prophetic, i'm referring to the face of that you don't really know where your going or how your going to get there, but your moving none the less.)

And you know what, its ok to not know what God is going to do. That's why its soo imperative to know His heart. Just yesterday afternoon, i went out w/ a group of friends from church to a local sushi restaurant. Everything was going fine... until we were leaving and we stopped to pray for a brother. After praying for him, my friend Joshua goes "ok, let's move off here to the side where we're not in everyone's way and get ready for some prophetic weirdness." lol... we ended up getting in a circle and taking up a parking spot. so imagine this: your driving along through a parking lot and you see a group of young adults in a circle, with their hands in the center (much like one would to rally a team). What are you thinking? Its occurred to me numerous times that God likes to do things outside of our box.

I've learned that it's important that when your praying out in public, to keep your eyes and ears alert. You never know when someone will spring something on you or when a demon will manifest and BAM... your hit. so you gotta keep your senses alert to what's happening. in this situation, i was more or less put in the position of watching out for our surroundings.

So there we all are, praying for the Lord to unite us. For us to be good stewards of what He will entrust us with. I know the Lord has something for me yet down here. I'm not allowed to leave permanently yet. There's gotta be more! So i'm learning to just love on Jesus and love on those around me.

Let me say this: my current mood is not despondent or angry or bitter in the least. My heart is burning w/ a passion for Jesus and a passion to see the Bride of Christ walk in her full anointing, glory and beauty. I'm really enjoying life and balancing out my serious nature and my random nature. I love to pull off random things. I love to tease people and lovingly pick on them. I also love to get down and dirty in the Holy Ghost. and yet try not to take things too seriously.

For those of you who are reading this and your used to the 'prophetic flow', you probably understand a lot of what i'm trying to talk about. For those of you who have no idea what i'm talking about.... pass the potato salad.

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