Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I guess life happens...

Whether you want it to or not....

I don't even really know what to say in this thing. I'm doing good but yet at the same time have all this crap going on. Lately i've come to realize that setting rules and guidelines can be good, but sometimes they just seem really over protective and unnecessary. I mean, i'm all for have a set of rules to live by.. but sometimes i'm like "ok, this is just really to constrictive...." i mean, i wasn't even thinking about that particular thing until you said something to me about it. just where is your mind at that you always think of the negative and immoral?

My heart is for youth... big time. just last night i was at a prayer meeting where it was run by the youth. which is totally awesome! and they encouraged me like nothing else. i joined in praying w/ them and just kinda hung around. but i get to talking to a lot of parents and they're telling me about their kids. and sometimes i think "do you actually ever take a minute and listen to what your kids are saying? or do u just immediately shoot them down or correct them?" i gotta tell you that at times when talking w/ people, i let words fly. people are cussing up and down like crazy and i just sometimes sit there and laugh. i want them to hash it out w/ God. yeah, there are times where i bring correction and speak into their life... but at times, i just sit there and listen.

but sometime ago at church, a lady asked me to join her in praying for her daughter. her daughter wasn't doing the best spiritually and like any good mother, she was concerned. so of course i took a minute and prayed w/ her.

all this to say that at times, life happens. like or not, people say things and people get hurt and offended. welcome to life.

at work, while on the phones, saying certain things are taboo. so i have to learn to be more diplomatic about things. which i don't like. i would rather be blunt and be like "no, i know this product sucks." but i can't... Logitech wouldn't like it. sometimes big business can take it and just... so, hows the weather?

but at all times, i just remember that God is God and He is good. Jesus loves me and thats good, because sometimes i think He's about the only one that does... lol.

does life ever happen for you?


Anonymous said...

yes, as a matter of fact, i tell ya, i was having one of those days today. and believe it or not, your blog made me feel better.

i know that God loves me and is always there, but, i was still feeling pretty alone in my thoughts. after giving it all over to God. i got to read your very nice post. :-)

Anonymous said...

this has nothing to do with this post...
i just wanted to pass along a good read.