Monday, September 24, 2007

Oasis Youth Retreat

This past weekend, 9/21/07, I was priviledged to be able to head up to Pennsylvania to minister at a youth retreat w/ my home church, Oasis Fellowship. I had been asked sometime ago if i'd be able to, and after working my schedule around and getting a few guys to go w/, we headed North.

Now, this whole time i was praying and asking God and putting things down on paper of things that i would like to think about. And going up, i did have something, and i used some of it. But for anyone who's ever done any preaching, can anyone tell me how many times they actually use 100% of their notes? I mean, for me, it was 8:30 am on the morning i'm to minister, and the Lord puts something somewhat different together for me. I'm wanting to preach a good strong message about the Jesus Revolution. A good "come on, lets jump on the wagon here and really go for it.." type of message. Well, that morning, after talking w/ a few people, the Lord puts John 15 on my heart. So i did a quick reading of the chapter. I majored on sonship, having your identity in God and intimacy. Which its in the intimacy w/ the Lord that you realize who you are as a son of His. So i preached on John 15 for the most part. And i think it went decent. We prayed for people that morning. And then we also prayed for people that evening as well. That night we baptized a number of youth in the Holy Spirit and they were starting to pray in tongues! I mean, come on! Praise God. I encouraged them to keep praying and building themselves up in their faith and relationship w/ Jesus. I'm anxious to see the fruit of it now.

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