Thursday, September 6, 2007

Underground Reality: Vietnam

I think i might have mentioned something about this in a previous blog, but here goes again.

Sometime ago, i ordered a video from Voice of the Martyr's entitled "Underground Reality: Vietname." VOM took 8 teenagers from here in the states and sent them over to Vietnam to experience what its like over there. Its reality tv worth watching for me. its the American gospel vs. the truth of the reality. you put your money where your mouth is. i was watching it and just watching these teens get there world rocked. just about all of them had no idea what they were getting themselves into. i mean, they're coming from a society where everyone is supposedly Christian. but where its just like nothing really important to a society where you could die for being called a Christian. makes me think how easy we got it over here. we have no idea what we got over here. we think we've done God a favor by attending some sort of religious service on a sunday morning, shook a few hands, said we're doing fine a couple thousand times (and probably lied about it, but who really cares?) and then attended some sort of mid week either service and/or home group meeting. meanwhile, half the world spirals into the utter abyss of hell... but hey, at least you were at church this past week... what ever happened to the power of God?

over here, we hide in the corner behind our nice theology and think we've got it all together. meanwhile, we have ministries that give wheelchairs out to the cripples. hey, here's an idea: instead of giving wheelchairs out, get your hands on them and heal them. just a thought. i know, that might offend someone if we do that. so, better to just cater to everyone elses needs than to offend someone in their false thinking.

in other parts of the world, you die for mentioning Jesus. you get in trouble for having a public worship service. i have numerous different copies of the Bible here in my room. in other parts of the world, i could die for that! i'm blessed to have soo many copies and allow them to gather dust on the bookshelf. in Vietnam, your lucky if you have a bible, much less be able to read it.

I like watching things like this that challenge me. it wakes me up out of my slumber and says "ok, Bible school grad... you have a nice theology... now heal that person over there!" you can't hide behind theology. when don't have what you say you have, u just admit it and get on with life. makes you think, doesn't it?

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