Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Three R's

At FIRE Church, a large percentage of our body is out 'on the field' expanding the Kingdom of God to the farthest points of the world. It's always a joy whenever these folks come to the area b/c i get to hear all sorts of awesome stories of what God is doing.

About 2 years or so ago, one of the missionaries, Clint Garsee, who is currently serving in Thailand, spoke at our schools chapel service. Much of what he spoke about was what He sees as far as FIRE's future and their goal. He said he felt the Holy Spirit spoke '3 R's' as far as FIRE goes. He said "FIRE was birthed out of a REVIVAL, our job is RESTORATION and our destiny is REVOLUTION." I know for myself as a minister, you just sometimes never know how your effecting someone's life. You sometimes never know how your speaking things and/or doing things to influence someone.

FIRE was in fact birthed out of a revival. This revival took place in Pensacola, Florida from 1995 until about 2000. Some may dispute the actual ending date, and my goal in this is not to stir up controversy, it's simply to put this out there. But on Father's Day of 1995, Evangelist Steve Hill was invited to preach at Brownsville Assembly of God. In short, the presence of God came down upon that church in such a way that millions were touched and changed.

In any case, in January of 2000, the Lord birthed FIRE out of an existing school there. They stayed in Pensacola for a few more years until they felt led of God to move to Charlotte, NC. FIRE truly was birthed out of a FIRE for God and to see His Holy Kingdom be expanded to every corner of the Earth.

Our goal most certainly is for restoration. We, as an extension of the Body of Christ, have a desire to see peoples relationship with the Lord restored. There are countless lives out there that have been hurt from life. I know its my goal to see people come into right relationship with Jesus and be released into their destiny that the Lord has purposed for them. As a minister of the gospel, i love to pray with people for the things that are on their heart and see them step out and take initiative and set forth to bring the kingdom of God to where they are. i love to minister to people and later on down the road hear that they're serving the Lord to date and loving Jesus and people.

But perhaps you've come from a rough situation. Perhaps abuse of some kind... I want to encourage you to give your heart to Jesus and allow Him to love on you and see you set free from the bondage that satan may have you in. You may say "Well Shawn, i just don't think I can forgive them for what they did to me. You don't know what they did to me!" Your right, i don't know. I don't know the pain that you may have been caused. But God does! Let Him deal with it. Give it up to Him. He already knows it. let Him heal you.

FIRE School has a very specific purpose. It says its a "training center for the Jesus Revolution." Mind informing me what the Jesus Revolution is exactly? A definition I personally use is is we as the Body of Christ coming into maturity in the Spirit and living as we should. I believe healings, salvations and the like be common place in society. Not to belittle them in any way! But one of my favorite quick references for scripture is where the shadows of the disciples were healing people! I mean, come on! We won't even have to lay our hands on them. But just the life of Christ will be coming off of us. Demons will flee just because we walk into a room! The atheist will get on their knees acknowledging the presence of God! I can remember looking as a picture of one of the fathers of the faith, and just his eyes were piercing! I was like "ok, thats kinda creepy.."

I keep telling people that one of the things i love about where i live, a number of the churches here in the community always get together to do things together! I love it! I'll hear of a big event happening at a particular church, i'll go to it and see people from all sorts of different churchs. In the book of Acts, the church was called 'The Way'. (Side note: the first time the term 'Christians' was used was in a derogatory fashion. It wasn't a good thing.) I don't mind new churches springing up. Sometimes i wonder how necessary it is... (i intend on planting a church in the future. Don't know what it will look like, but oh well.) but is the church started out of some stupid split that was caused by pride or some stupid doctrinal difference. I don't agree necessarily w/ every little doctrinal issue of my church. but who cares. no reason to cause all sorts of division over something.

In any case, i really appreciate FIRE for the mandate it carries. I appreciate the fact that they tackle the tough issues and aren't afraid to reprimand you if need be. I appreciate the fact that they're not preaching some seeker sensitive stuff that just ends up hurting instead of helping. But we get into the presence of God and dig deep.

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