Thursday, September 20, 2007

Christianity and Homosexuality

This evening at church was interesting. Dr. Brown had an open forum to discuss "Can You Be Gay and Be a Christian?" they invited pro-gay ministers in the area to come and be apart of it, of which none came. They also had Stephen Bennett, who was a former practicing homosexual, and Frank Turek, who is a gifted apologetist. Dr. Brown and Mr. Bennett and Mr. Turek did a fine job i thought.

They gave a time for questions and answers and one young gentleman stood up and gave his brief testimony. He is a currently practicing homosexual. he came out of a certain mainline denomination and, in short, has been hurt a lot by the church.

Let me say this: I do not approve of homosexuality or any sin for that matter. Jesus died on the cross for everything! he bore our sins. I consider homosexuality to be a sin. Right there with lying and stealing and getting drunk... there is no lesser or greater sin to God. Sin is sin. When you are truly converted, meaning when you truly turn your life over to Jesus, your a new person. Your old self is done for. Because when you truly give your heart to Jesus, He bears the sin for you. He gave you a way out.

So when you truly get converted, your past life is just that, the past. yes, you'll face temptations, but God provides a way out. So if your wanting to continue to live in that sin but profess to be a Christian, i'd have to say that you really need to get saved. A Christian (devoted follower of Jesus) bears fruit. But you can't go walking into a church and say i'm going to be a gay Christian. isn't possible.

Other than all of this, its an interesting topic. Some would say that you should gather all the fags and queers into the same area and starve them out. I say you show them the love of Jesus and love them out of it. I want to give these sinners a way out like Jesus gave me a way out. All the church is is forgiven sinners who are now sons and daughters of God. God hates the sin of a person, but He loves the person enough to give Jesus as the ransom for many. Thats where you have to be careful. So often we combine those two. he loves you, just hates your sin... your wicked lifestyle.

Well, this has been fun. I'll talk to you all later.

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