Sunday, July 13, 2008

In Pursuit of the Authentic

So what will authentic church look like? What will a glorious spotless bride look like? To me, its really about what's going on in your life and heart. That's one way of putting it....

While working at Walmart and manning a cash register, you would come across times when people would try and give you fake money. We had those pens that you would take across the money to make sure they were real bills. I never came across money that was fake, or at least not that i knew of.

Just recently, i was talking w/ someone about church (I know, imagine that huh?). There are all types of church out there. There are mega-churches (usually characterized by a church body being 1,000 people or more.) And there are smaller community churches and house churches. Then there are even different brands of churches. There are some that are more dressy and then some that are not. Because there are all different types of people, your bound to have churches that have all different types of emphasis'.

Here is something to think about: there are all different types of presentation, and that's ok. But one thing stays the same: the message.

We're all in the pursuit of something that is real. Who wants something that is fake or stale or dusty or something like that? But we're after something that is, at times, hard to explain. I was talking w/ a relative the other day and mentioned that i have a hard time sometimes in a 'church service'. Not because the preaching might be bad or the music isn't good, but to me it seems like we're vitally missing the presence of God. We have nice programs and nice instruments, but we're lacking something more important: the Guest of Honor.

My heart is for the Body of Christ (The Bride of Christ) to realize her full potential and begin and continue to walk in the anointing she should be walking in. And be walking in the full power she should be walking in.

In most homes, the lady usually likes to decorate the kitchen and living room and other rooms to how she likes it. The guys are usually satisfied the garage. But overall, the dad has final say. The Lord has allowed us as the bride to decorate the buildings, but He gets final say of how things are run.

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