Monday, July 7, 2008

Identity Theft

Is it just me or is there like a major problem in this world with identity. It's seems like we don't know who the world we are. Especially Christians! From time to time, I get into Christian bookstores and there are countless books about improving one's identity. Whatever happened to the preaching of the cross? I don't like the idea of self-esteem, it seems its soo much emphasis on yourself. From what i remember of the Bible, Jesus said to take up your cross and follow Him. He didn't say to be all self conscious of your image and be all concerned about stuff like that. Paul said "I die daily." When your secure in your relationship with Jesus, there really isn't a whole lot people can do or say to you. Leonard Ravenhill said that if your intimate with God, you won't be intimated by men. When you know who you are as a son of the Most High God, self esteem issues take care of themselves.

I've read books like Wild at Heart and Captivating... and i have bad days too and i love to spend time with folks. And i like to have a nice appearance. But there seems to be too much emphasis on self, and not enough on the Cross. But sometimes, things just seem soo superficial.

The Bible warns of flattering speech. Matter of fact, i'm uncomfortable whenever i hear 'prophetic words' and they're just all nice speech. Yes, the Lord loves you. But at times, God has to just smack you up side the head. The Lord disciplines those whom He loves. God can not and will not condone sin. He can't.

One passage of scripture i'd encourage someone who may be having self esteem issues or don't know who they are, read and pray through John 15:1-17.

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