Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Music Preferences

Today at work, a buddy asked me about music preferences. i told him i pretty much stick w/ worship stuff. One of the bad things about some of the music i have is that i have like 4 different versions of the same song. And sometimes i have to go into my ipod and delete songs from it.

But on one of my friends blogspots, she mentioned that she loves some of the old hymns. I'd have to say i agree. Some of that stuff is just soo powerful! I mean, its just meat!

i do listen to some CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) from time to time. I have some Switchfoot, Casting Crowns, some stuff like that. But at times, i have a hard time stomaching the music. I have a problem when the people are up on stage saying one thing and then doing back stage and doing something different. I haven't been to a concert in years. And i can't say as that i regret it. I've been to Creation Fest a couple times (its basically a 'Christian' version of Woodstock). And from what i remember, they reasonably preach the gospel. I know my mom said that Larry Norman was there once and basically rebuked everyone for the lame music thats being put out... lol. ah Larry Boy... of course, they never really got into the Baptism of the Holy Spirit at all. And i'll admit, you don't need to be baptized in the Holy Ghost to get into Heaven. Now, i don't know how i'd live w/o being baptized in the Spirit... but that's me.

I have a 30 gig ipod. And i have it half full of music and some pictures on there. That's not counting the hundreds of sermons i have on it. I'm subscribed to my churches podcast, John Piper at Bethlehem Baptist and FIRE Hollands podcast. i still have yet to listen to over half of the sermons i have on there. And that doesn't include the revival sermon archives i have on their.

Of course, when it comes to sermons, i can't sit there and stand the weak message that is commonly preached nowadays. Where is the cross mentioned? At salvation altar calls, i always wait for the cross to be mentioned. if its not, in my book, your preaching a false message. or least a watered down message.

"But we might offend someone.."

you might? how about you probably will. its one of the most narrow minded messages out there. there's no back door into Heaven. You can't buy your way in. It's either you accept the atoning blood of Jesus (because He loves you)and you get in or you don't and you don't get in. Pretty simple.


Anonymous said...

hi there.
i was just thinking that sometimes when preaching is a paid job, and the preacher has a wife and kids...being a male preacher in this instance...well, the sometimes is that it can cause fear of losing that paying job that supports said wife and kids....and house and all that is in it. not an easy choice to make when those that hire have an agenda and can fire if the words spoken are not carefully phrased.
just another view on a place where some people find themselves.

thanks for visiting and have a nice way with words.

shawnman said...

nancy, you have a point there. men should be providing for their families. so then where do you draw the line at principle and providing for your families? where do you draw the line and say 'this goes against my principles. i can't sell out for that.'

but you got a valid point there. luckily, theres a generation arising that is saying no more for the cheasy, flaky words. lets live for truth and justice.